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The Devil is in the Details

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  • The Devil is in the Details

    I'm slowly arriving at the final shape of my upper structure; the little building. One thing I notice after looking at all the photos of finished ovens is that in spite of all the individuality, the ovens are really similar. There's only so much that can be done afterall. I'm also amazed at the little touches where the real individual touches really appear. There is some real nice stuff being done here. I'm trying to light on a final design of the front with the final arch, the possible granite/marble shelf, based on things like thickness of cultured stone and stucco.

    Makes my head hurt.
    "The road of excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom."

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    Re: The Devil is in the Details

    Yeh Mike,
    I am in a similar situation with my Pompeii oven. Still to finish the actual tiling but I am not in any particular hurry as I am in a bit of a dilemah with the tile selection.
    My oven is basically built into the retaining wall and garden so I am not too phased on making it a 'special feature' of the entertaining area out the back of the house.
    The tiles that were available many years ago have changed and are no longer available except for swimming pool tiles which are in blues and green shades. I want the browns to blend into the garden rather than have something standing out like a sore thumb.
    I also have the new 'all steel' covered pergola and the patio tiling to be done between now and christmas, so will complete the oven at the same time.
    I guess it is up to the individual as to what they want or need, their abilities to undertake the tasks (or have to pay contractors), and often controlled or restricted by their budgets. Luckily, we are all different but I agree, there are a wide variety of finishes but they all cook pizzas, breads and other goods!

    Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

    The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

    Neillís Pompeiii #1
    Neillís kitchen underway


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      Re: The Devil is in the Details

      not sure where to post this question all went excellent on my dome construction did mine with split firebric twice as many to lay but when the price is right (0) its worth it , now for the question i have acess to ceramic flue wrap blanket (24 inches wide 1 inch thick and foil faced on one side . should i use this either under the vermiculite crete on the dome top and sides or should i put it over the verm crete also is there any cocern about the foil trapping moisture in the oven ???? thanks so much :confused
      dave d pizza liover


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        Re: The Devil is in the Details

        Wow, 1/2 thickness bricks sounds like twice as many to install. I was getting pretty tired of brick laying with the full size bricks. Like you say though, the price was right. Pretty hard to pass up that deal. Not sure what to say about the blanket. There's been some discussion about the foil idea and my recollection is that you probably don't want to trap moisture by using foil. That being said, I do recall Marcel (I think) using a a foil layer in his construction. Sounds like you're doing an igloo construction from your comments. I'm going to use a ceramic blanket but no foil. But I'm doing the "little house with the pizza oven in it" type.

        I understand. We just keep making it harder to do as we go along don't we? It has to be just right and as for me I'm doing a "learn as you go" on much of the work. The tile idea sound really interesting. Keep us up on your progress. I'm going to go back in the archives and see if you have any pictures so I can get a better idea of what you're up to.

        "The road of excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom."


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          Re: The Devil is in the Details

          if i do put the ceramic blanket i can strip the foil verry easily my question is this do i put it over the verm crete or under i will be covering dome with a stone venneer ; thanks
          dave d


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            Re: The Devil is in the Details


            If I understand you right, it sounds like you're doing a oven in a box like me. If that's the case, I think you would finish the dome, coat it with mortar, and then put the blanket over the dry dome. The box would normally be filled with perlite or vermiculite before the roof goes on. I don't think you need to use a verm/perl mix over the dome if you have the blanket. The blanket should take the place of the insulating mud coating. The blanket that I have insulates to 1800f. A loose filling of the box with the added insulation just adds to your insulating process. I think of the verm/perl mud on ovens that are going to be finished in the igloo method.

            The Pompei instructions may also help get this straight for you.

            Looking forward to your pictures
            "The road of excess leads to the Palace of Wisdom."