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Oven Insulation & Heat

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  • Oven Insulation & Heat

    I built a 100cm diameter 39.3'' casa oven, but ended up with 50cm dome height instead of 40cm, also the oven opening is 50W x 32H instead of 48W x 30H!

    i insulated the oven with 1" blanket & 8cm of vermiculite cement (5:1)

    will the difference in the size (interior dome height & oven opening) effect the heating of the oven?

    will the oven ever reach pizza heat?

    is it insulated enough?

    i finished the oven with a decorative ceramic design, when i heat the oven how hot should it get from the outside?

    i added pics of the insulating blanket and vermiculite cement.
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    Re: Oven Insulation & Heat

    here are the pics of the insulating blanket & vermiculite cement
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      Re: Oven Insulation & Heat


      I'm a lefty. You definitely don't have to worry about the variations in the dome height and the oven opening. It looks great. I like the stand, the decoration on the dome and your brick arch came out great. If you used a 1" blanket and 4" of vermiculite concrete -- you are going to be fine. Your oven will cure, and easily reach pizza heat, and I don't think you will feel much (if any) heat on the outside of the enclosure. Your vent system might get hot, so be careful of that.

      I'm not sure how far along you are with curing, but basically start adding 100ºF per day for a week to get from 200ºF to 900ºF, and you will cure and dry the oven, and you will be ready to cook.

      Here's a good point of reference. The Modena producer says in their instructions that each oven has 220lbs of water to bake out before the oven is ready for cooking.

      Keep going.
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        Re: Oven Insulation & Heat

        And you are in Miami, plenty of humidity and rain.. I would think keeping it dry could be an issue. How cool, are you right on Miami beach? It looks like it from the pics...

        Miami is my hometown...
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