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Brick types

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  • Brick types

    I know the plans recommend fire bricks, rather than plain clay bricks - but just how much would I be sacrificing?

    I am in the UK and the cost difference between a "standard" brick and a fire brick is considerable.

    I can easily get standard bricks for approximatly 50p each (about $1USD) but fire bricks (225x113x50mm) are > 4 (about $8USD).

    Any advice?

    Building out of all fire bricks is prohibitivly expensive. Maybe just using them for the hearth would be OK.

    FornoBravo - how much (in the UK) for just the 30" oven floor? So I can then do a Pompei oven round it?


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    wow !!! that's absurdly expensive. are you certain that they didn't quote you a price for the heavy duty bricks? i've heard that those are much more expensive than the medium duty bricks.
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