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New guy starting my wfo

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  • New guy starting my wfo

    Hello all,

    After many months of reading and looking at all your wonderful
    photos, I have started my WFO on my patio.

    I could never match the workmanship I have seen here,
    but I will do my best.

    2 questions please?

    I am building a 32 inch Pompeii oven.

    The chimney (flue) must go straight up through my patio ceiling
    then through the attic space and upward through the clay roof tiles.

    Is a 6 inch diameter chimney large enough?

    Very expensive from Dura Tech....almost 1200 dollars!!!

    2nd question is: Can I use pre-mixed refractory mortar?

    Thank you,


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    Re: New guy starting my wfo

    Hi Richard


    1. Yes. 6 inches is enough. I have a 32 inch Pompeii with a 6 inch chimney. If you go through the roof and attic you need double-walled chimney. It does not need to be stainless steel - and it will cost far less than $1200-.
    2. Which pre-mix? Home made is cheap and easy and it works - almost all builds on this site use home-mixed.

    Good luck!!


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      Re: New guy starting my wfo

      Thank you,

      I live in South Florida, I was told I have to use stainless steel once
      I go through the roof tiles and up?

      You are saying I could go with galvanized all the way?


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        Re: New guy starting my wfo

        Good luck with your new build. I have a 42" oven with 4'x8" flu with cap and anchor plate. This cost just less than 500.00 - it is stainless because it is showing. In your case it sounds like galvanized will be fine.

        I was able to get the forno Bravo kit which came with thier expensive mortar. I used that for 80% of my build until I ran out. This mortar was much better to work with than I was able to make myself. So research what thier mix is and copy the recipes trying for a finer easier mix to use.

        Next, buy an 8.00 Mortar bag off of Amazon. This was a life saver when trying to deal with Mortar. I would mix right in the bag, shake it up and start squirting my mortar into joints and voids. It was a total life saver. I opted for Mortarless on the inside, Lots' of precise cuts, and Mortar on the outside. Squirting it in and using a spray bottle to finish it really worked well.

        Good luck.

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          Re: New guy starting my wfo

          Like others have said, I would use the stainless only where it will be seen and the cheaper where not being, makeing sure that it is all double wall.

          For what its worth, I used a pre-mixed refractory mortar from a local supplier "Onex" that worked great. I saw it as a time saver that it would be ready for me too use at anytime I had the time to build. It was $38.75 for the 50lb pail and I used 6 pails for my 42" Pompeii. The Onex mix came in 5 gallon pails that only needed a quick mix before use and so far after two summers of use I've had no problems. Just my experience.
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