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40" WFO Chantilly, VA

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  • 40" WFO Chantilly, VA


    This is my second WFO build. I built my first oven in Temecula, CA in 2009 and a few years later the military moved us back to the EAST coast. This year I built my second oven. I cannot thank everyone enough for all the posts and info provided on this forum. I used this forum daily for both builds. My newest build is fully fuctional but I have not completed the "finish work." I am quickly closing in on the finish-line. I will attach photos of my build.
    Again thank you to everyone on this forum!


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    Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

    Here is the beginning phases. Since this was my second build it went quite fast. I started with 2" of ceramic fb and then layed my firebrick on that. Then I created a template using the cheapest plywood I could find at Home Depot. I also used this to anchor my IT. I started my soldier course on the outside of the inner floor as not to cause any issues with the floor. Additionally, I built my own IT, this was an amazing help!


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      Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

      One thing I did not do for the first 6 courses was to tapper the bricks. The gaps where very managable until that point. after this row I tapper all the rest of my bricks. As always the arch to dome connection is always a nightmare, I lost many nights sleep trying to think of the best way to do this. I still do not know the best way.


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        Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

        Some better views of completed arch and dome. I do not have any pictures from the inside.


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          Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

          Here is the closed dome. I used a 50/50 mix of type S and fireclay to cover the entire dome. I let this dry for a week and then fired it for a week. I had each fire good for a few hours to maintain aconstant heat to allow for the moisture to closely release from the brick and mortar. As the first became more intense I would leave the ambers in the oven all night long. Once complete I covered with 3 layers of ceramic fiber blanket. I used HVAC tape on the seems, more to hold everything together as I went on to the next layer. Then covered with chicken wire and covered with high strength motar, 1". I have not completed the final stucco layers as the winter in northern Virginia last much longer than normal and we had alot of snow.
          I also build a door for my oven. I used 2 pieces of sheet metal to widge 2" of FB in between. I then attached the wood front with handles. I used the HVAC tape again to cover the exposed FB, just so it would not flake off every time I opened and closed the door. I has worked great.


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            Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

            Here are some of the rewards of my labor.


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              Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

              I have unstalled a brick front and side for the entrance. I put rebar in the walls holding the bricks together. The chimney will go in later this week. I am putting v-crete in the void over the inside arch. More rebar and mesh as well. Along with final stucco on the dome and the walls of the base.


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                Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

                Continuing the build. Need to stucco the base and the dome now.


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                  Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

                  Nice-looking oven! Great-looking bread!


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                    Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

                    I really like your decorative arch!
                    I now dub yours'.....................:

                    Name:  8e9a839d4c15da61da6b8d9d93dd6467.jpg
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                    The Peace Oven .
                    joe watson

                    "A year from now, you will wish that you had started today "

                    My Build
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                      Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

                      Really nice oven! Good to read about stucco used in snowy, frosty conditions, will do the same up here in Sweden.
                      Let's keep it metric


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                        Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA

                        Going for gold with the least number of posts to complete a build. A very attractive build it is too!
                        Cheers ......... Steve

                        Build Thread http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f3/n...erg-19151.html

                        Build Pics http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s...1&l=1626b3f4f4

                        Forno Food Pics https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...1&l=1d5ce2a275


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                          Re: 40" WFO Chantilly, VA


                          Where do you come up with these pics, I think I still have a tye-dye shirt with those colors. My hair is short and gray now though. LOL
                          Build Link............... Picassa Photo Album Link