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DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia

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  • DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia

    Hi Everyone,

    I've been away for a while and thought I'd put up a quick message to say thanks to everyone who has helped me along my journey to building this low oven so far.

    Today my task is to figure out how to cut and taper the inner arch bricks so that they match up with the rest of the dome. I will revisit Texman's build as I think there were some helpful pictures there.

    Any advise today would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps I'll snap some pics this morning.... as soon as the sun comes up and I've had a cup of coffee.

    Thanks again, everyone!


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    Re: DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia


    awe shucks.

    Let me know if i can help.

    My Progress:


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      Re: DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia

      Here are some pics of the oven so far. I cut the second course bricks at 50 degrees to be mortared on top of the soldiers, but haven't secured them yet. I'd like to hear what you folks have to say about where I'm at.

      My concern is making sure that the inner arch is going to meet up nicely with the rest of the dome. As you can see in the 3rd and 4th pictures I'm considering using the form to mark my angle on the bottom of the brick.

      To do this I plan on moving the form all the way over to one side of the middle line of the dome as the angle will change from one side of the arc to the other. In other words, I can't cut the same angle for the inside of each inner dome brick. Correct?

      Then, I need to figure out how to cut the top of these bricks to meet the bricks that will go on top.

      Hope that's clear! Any and all advice is welcome!



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        Re: DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia

        I've decided to go with plan B.

        The opening of this oven is too big to make it a low dome. I originally planed to have it at 16 inches, but I think it will likely end up being around 20 inches.

        Here is a look at the mortared inner arch and the second course. The second course bricks are cut at 50 degrees.

        Once this all dries up I plan on filling it with sand and doing the dome.

        Any comments always appreciated!




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          Re: DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia

          Just see your thread for the first time but when looking at the pictures that you posted in your second message I was going like "that can't be right, that door is to high". You apperantly came to the same conclusion also.

          I am not sure what you plan to do now, but the transition from your door to your dome I think is still going to give you troubles. You will at a minimum not be able to get a round dome. I will have to end up like something like a "teardrop"... Don't think that is a very accurate discription.... The way I see it at this moment you will have to have it very high all the way above your door.

          If your door is going to be 20" high, your dome will be something like 30" ? That sounds very high....

          I am not completely sure since in your pictures you do not have a lot of sizes that I can judge your design on, but the way I see it, I would take down the door you just made and make a new, lower one. You have 4 bricks laying down in the "pilars", I would change that to 3. That way the top of your door will roughly be just as high as your first circle will be. You can then adjust the dome so it will end up the correct hight.

          gl on the build.


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            Re: DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia

            I'm pretty sure that he is referring to the height of the dome, not the height of the oven opening.

            Also, the shape is just fine, and won't be any problem to get a round shape. I have done a couple oven openings like this ( high spring ) and like the above pictures, set the sides back into the walls of the dome. What this does, is provide the needed support ( buttress) that an opening like this needs.

            I have not seen many people do it, maybe because you lose a little floor space near the opening. You may lose that bit of space ( doesn't even matter) but you solve a structural issue with a simple solution without adding any additional masonry.

            Here are some pictures of the two recent ovens, both for my homes. It shows two kinds of arches, but both are set into the dome wall.

            High spring opening.

            Name:  3b1e2399f0df2d3b7be4438496e75cbc.jpg
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            Name:  689fec5307396aff32d557d9e0c9e5c9.jpg
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            Name:  86a46ec3df02a867218806a19a07590c.jpg
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            I didn't need to do it for my current opening ( the arch is a modified equilateral) but it allows greater load bearing than without.

            Name:  94d26b559e79c21b44476e530c24e512.jpg
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            Name:  bbb0831688140cac05b2a29d073cdd6d.jpg
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            Just another way to do it.
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            Old World Stone & Garden

            Current WFO build - Dry Stone Base & Gothic Vault

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              Re: DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia

              Thanks for your input, folks!

              Yes, my entrance is about 12 inches high, so I suppose I'm looking at about a 20 inch dome.

              I appreciate you taking the time to post your two builds, stone cutter. It gives me a bit more confidence. Thanks for your comments, too!


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                Re: DmYeli's Build in Nova Scotia

                You're welcome. Just curious, why are you not building a Neapolitan dome?

                Edit: never mind, I missed the door height info.
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                Old World Stone & Garden

                Current WFO build - Dry Stone Base & Gothic Vault

                When we build, let us think that we build for ever.
                John Ruskin