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Chimney diamater on a 36" Pompeii Oven.

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  • Chimney diamater on a 36" Pompeii Oven.

    I'm getting ready to take the plunge and start my oven. Of all the different challenges the chimney seems to be the area that concerns me most. The plans say a 6" chimney will work but I'm wondering if there is no harm in going bigger and using an 8" DuraTech system. I will be angling my chimney back at about a 30 degree angle to clear the overhead so my thinking is a bigger pipe would be better for drafting. Two 30 degree bends will add some "resistance" I would think.


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    Re: Chimney diamater on a 36" Pompeii Oven.

    Good thinking, I'd be doing the same. You can't really over flue a front vented oven but you certainly can under flue it.
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      Re: Chimney diamater on a 36" Pompeii Oven.

      That's kind of my thinking. I'd rather be overbuilt than under built. Especially when it comes to something as important as venting.


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        Re: Chimney diamater on a 36" Pompeii Oven.

        One thing to consider when placing/pointing your oven is prevailing wind direction.

        We get a very predictable breeze out of the west (or maybe WSW or WNW) pretty much every afternoon. My oven entrance is pointing pretty close to due north. So we frequently have a breeze blowing right across the front of the oven at something close to a nintey degree angle. At start up that can definitely cause smoke to get pulled out of the front no matter how big your flue is.

        You can't always dictate how your oven is pointed based on the wind. I would still point and locate mine as I did because the mouth faces the pool and patio and it looks cool when burning....but it's something worth thinking about IMO.