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The Forno Bravo Door

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  • The Forno Bravo Door

    Here is a photo of the new Forno Bravo door. It is a steel door, painted with heat resistent paint. It is 20"W x 12.5"H at the center and 10"H at the corners. It has a scrolled handle to hold it in place, and pick it up. It is a simple, free-standing door, similar to the one that comes with the Casa and Artigiano ovens.

    We picked these sizes so one door could fit all ovens. If your ovening is slightly smaller than this size, but you have a reveal around your opening, you can still slide the door up to close your oven.

    I will be adding it to the Forno Bravo Store next.

    What do you think? Useful?
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    Re: The Forno Bravo Door


    I think it will be very useful indeed, especially for bread baking. Using it as a template, it wouldn't be that difficult to have a fabricator fashion a draft door as well.

    As you point out, it's been a harmonic convergence day. Nice to have.

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      Re: The Forno Bravo Door

      Nice to hear. Thanks. Our dealer network keeps growing and we try hard to attract good folks.
      I will add the door to the FB Store tomorrow.
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        Re: The Forno Bravo Door

        Here is the link to the FB Door page on the Store. The SKU is iPOD (ha ha), for Installation Pompeii Oven Door.


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          Re: The Forno Bravo Door

          I wish you had the door when I built my oven James, I'd have loved to just match up to it!

          Not that you need any business advice from me (I'll of course give it anyway).... Thought about posting a full size .pdf template of the door in the store? Maybe something that prints on two pieces of paper with some "Cut here" and "Tape together here" instructions? So builder's could build to the opening and then buy the door.

          I know, they could buy the door FIRST, but some may be reluctant to do so before they discover their dome's aren't going to really fall in!...

          You list the dimensions, but the corners look rounded is all.
          - JC


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            Re: The Forno Bravo Door

            James and all,

            Looks like the supply of the pre-fabricated doors has whimpered out. The link in this thread is not working anymore, and the Casa door is not being sold to anyone without a Casa oven.
            Any ideas about availability of insulated door for Pompeii ovens?



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              Re: The Forno Bravo Door

              every one who builds a Pompeii usually decides to build their oven opening different and thus requires a custom made door.
              There are numerous designs and styles within the forum so it might pay to do a search to establish which way you need to go.
              Building one with a good seal and does not drain the heat out of the oven through transmission via metal.
              They are really not difficult to make.


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                Re: The Forno Bravo Door

                Building a Pompeii Oven to fit a specific door proved to be problematic.

                The best solution is to find a local metal shop to make a custom door to fit the oven