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Poured my foundation today

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  • Poured my foundation today

    I am in the beginning stages of my "oven journey" and I got the foundation poured today. I thought about doing it with 80# bags, but because I turn 41 tomorrow and want to be able to sit upright for my b-day dinner I opted on premix in a pull behind mixer. Man is that the way to go!!! I would have needed about 30-35 bags of concrete at about $4 a bag to have to load/unload and move to mix by hand and it cost me $127 for 3/4 yard of premix/trailer. From the time I walked in to rent it, pour it and returned, it was less than 1.5 hours and my back is doing just fine.
    I thank everyone for all the great info and pics on this site..and I look forward to posting a few off my own as I progess.

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    Re: Poured my foundation today

    I have made some progress. I hope to have the hearth poured this weekend. Here are a few photos in the Pizza Oven album Yahoo! Photos


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      Re: Poured my foundation today

      I think it's a little over-engineered for a dog-house.

      No, seriously, it's looking great!
      My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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        Re: Poured my foundation today

        Hello Telehort,

        couldn't look at your photos because Yahoo didn't serve them up to me, being a non-member. And no (although I'm a bit a of a yahoo myself, in the Aussie idiom) I didn't wish to become a member...

        Perhaps you'd care to upload snaps to the FB Photo Gallery?

        Item. I took the hard road to pouring the slab :-) It took a little while, and perhaps 8 of the small 20kg bags of cement, but I got there in the end (totally stuffed, but then, at almost 71 I'm not that indefatigable any more...)

        So, I've decided to pour the hearth myself as well, with my wife filling the buckets of sand and aggregate, ready to tip into the tractor-driven mixer!


        "I started out with nothing, and I've still got most of it"


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          Re: Poured my foundation today

          Looking good!
          I'm building a Pompeii Oven in Austin, Texas. See my progress at:
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            Re: Poured my foundation today

            Tele, looking good. Your at the same level as I am, I actually framed the hearlth slab as well asthe rebar today.....I should get both slabs (supporting & insulating) poured tomorrow or Saturday, body willing.

            Goog luck,


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              Re: Poured my foundation today

              Hey.. I enjoyed looking at your wine cellar pictures! We didn't have any rooms I could shorten in the house, I had to build a building in the side yard for mine. 9" walls, stucco, tile roof. The unit runs a fair bit when it's really hot outside.

              You have that cellar full of wine yet?
              - JC


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                Re: Poured my foundation today

                Thank you Jahysea..I enjoyed doing the wine room. After months of research, I actually built it in 2 weekends so it went very fast. It was nice to walk into a 56 degree room when we were above 110 out here in California last summer, being from Minnesota originally, I walk in there to remind me of home.


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                  Re: Poured my foundation today

                  I poured my hearth over the weekend and have updated my Pizza Oven album at Yahoo! Photos


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                    Re: Poured my foundation today

                    I pulled the forms today off the hearth and the supports from underneath and was very pleased when everything stayed up and in place.


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                      Re: Poured my foundation today

                      Good job tele, you've given me reason to spend every minute working on my oven. I too just removed my forms yesterday....I'll get some pics up shortly.
                      Today was spent laying out the hearth firebricks. I plan to get the hearth bricks and arch done this weekend. Yes, I'm gonna build my dome around my arch/opening. I've found myself repeatedly viewing the recently posted pics of the 'no form oven'. the man did amazing brick work...none of it appears hard, he simply took his time, measured twice/cut once and did an awsome masonry job. I've decided to us his pics as my guide.

                      Keep us posted as to your progress, take solace in the fact that some other poor sole in FL is going through the exact same trials and tribulations as you



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                        Re: Poured my foundation today

                        thanks Randy - please update us with some photos as you move along. I wish I could lay some bricks this weekend. As a family we are taking some time in the next couple weeks and heading to Mexico with our church to help build homes, I told my wife that once the hearth was poured I wouldn't do any more work on it until we get home from Mexico. My goal is to be eating pizza from it in May so I am on schedule for that.


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                          Re: Poured my foundation today

                          Excellent. I think that is a cantilevered hearth that I see. I like that design. If it's OK, I will drag a couple of photos down and add them to the next version of the plans to show the cantilever option. Keep going, and if you have a spare moment, could you post a photo or two in our photo section here? Thanks!

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                            Re: Poured my foundation today

                            thanks James - It is a cantilever hearth. I poured the cantilever with regular concrete with rebar running back into the structural concrete of the main hearth. Please feel free to use any of the pictures, I have learned much from all here and if there is something that will show others how to (or how not to) do something I am more than fine with that. I will post a couple pics to the FB site this weekend. Thanks for a great website!