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dome on vs around floor bricks & efficiency

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  • dome on vs around floor bricks & efficiency

    In the plans, it says that building the oven around the floor bricks is more efficient than if you put the dome on top. Can anyone explain why? I guess it's easier to build on top, so your cuts don't have to be as precise.
    Here's mine:

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    Re: dome on vs around floor bricks & efficiency

    Building around usually means you need to leave a gap - otherwise as the floor expands it'll push your walls outwards causing small cracks.

    No idea as to why one way is considered more efficient though... could be because the bricks in the floor would conduct heat outwards - so if you have an extra layer on the sides it'll then move upwards? Just a guess...


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      Re: dome on vs around floor bricks & efficiency

      Either way is fine.

      People on this site have built them both ways with equal success. They are equally efficient. The primary difference is:

      - You have to cut your floor bricks more precisely.
      - You may be able to remove and replace a damaged brick more easily. (This point is debatable)

      On top:
      - Maybe less (marginally less ?) outward expansion movement.
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        Re: dome on vs around floor bricks & efficiency

        If I build another oven I will place my dome on the floor. It seems like it would be easier.

        I placed my floor inside the dome on this oven. Just thought it was a nice look. I doubt mine will be more effcient than someone who built dome on floor. Given same the mass and insulation amounts I would think they would perform equally. But I have been known to be wrong before.

        It would also give one less chain to build.

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