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Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

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  • Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

    This forum has been a wealth of information to me. You all are awesome!!. I have been working on my 42" Mobile Pompeii for over a year now. (off and on)
    Double Axle Trailer is finished.I built it from scratch. The dome is about 3 courses from closed.
    Now I was thinking about reinforcing the outer brick with galvanized wire mesh - similar to what they use for lath and stucco.
    I guess my question is: WILL THIS PROVIDE ADDITIONAL STRENGTH FOR DOME AND ARCH? Or will it just separate?
    and What temp can I expect to reach on the outside of the fire brick?

    Here are my tentative plan-s-Please jump in if you have a better solution.

    1. Skim coat and wire mesh /lath the entire outside of firebrick upon dome completion.
    2. Install FB fireblanket.
    3. Lay wider mesh on top of blanket.
    4. Weld a removable skeleton of 1.5" flat bar to follow the shape of the pompeii oven.
    5. Cut and /braze together a copper cover over the flat bar skeleton.(This will provide a water proofing for dome and also provide a "Shock and awe" factor.
    6 This copper cover will be removable by 2 persons and some sheet metal screws. for oven repairs, inspections etc.
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    Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

    That copper oven is one of the nicest I have ever seen!


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      Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

      What are you planning to hold the mesh with? If you're planning to coat it with some fire clay - that will add a little more strength.

      That said, at the same time as you are going essentially without insulation (copper is a VERY good conductor) the outer layer of fire bricks (or fire clay when you coat them) will be subject to drastic temperature differences from the inner layer. This may cause cracking...

      I notice you're planning to use a blanket - how thick will this be?


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        Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

        Is the copper protected from oxidizing somehow?

        Depending on the dome and arch shape, probably yes. Tension wires can be used to "ring" certain parts of a dome that are subject to greater outward thrust. For example, the low dome Neapolitan designs aren't perfect domes, and soldier courses can calso direct thrust outside the ideal path.

        Your design sounds like you want wire and cladding to provide additional structural support. It may crack due yo heat differentials, but I don't think it will hurt at all. You could put a layer of ceramic paper under it to allow for slippage.


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          Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?


          You really don't want galvanized in the hot zone of your oven - it releases toxic fumes (Google 'metal fume fever'). The recommended maximum service temperature for galvanized steel is ~390F, with two-hour excursions to 660F max, which the cladding layer of your oven could easily exceed. Stainless steel needles are the preferred reinforcement for castable refractory (2" min. thickness), but I'm not sure how well they would work in a thin cladding layer.
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            Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

            I purchased 3 FB blankets from Forno Bravo.
            I was thinking of wrapping outer over first with Fire clay/ Home brew mortar and galv lath. (Wire)

            Then Blankets the way you all wrap them.

            Then flat bar metal skeleton and Copper. (Removable)

            Copper will be sealed once polish to keep oxidation away.

            8" FB stack and Hat on front of oven

            ( I am not sure why the French copper one vents at the peak of the dome in the pict?)


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              Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

              The vent is to release the moisture that gets into the insulation layer from fuel combustion, cooking, and outdoors humidity. The masonry is porous, and if it weren't vented, over time the moisture would condense inside the metal shell and wet the insulation.


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                Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

                Sorry.. I did not mean "Vent" - I meant "Chimney". Why is the chimney at the peak of the dome in the Copper Oven Pict? This is a french company- I think it is more of a bread oven? Forget the name. There is a company in Maine that imports this oven. I think they are about $10k.


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                  Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

                  So no Galvanized wire? I did think about the fumes from the galv. wire but I did not think the outside of oven would get hot enough to matter?
                  Anyone know what temp the outside of their oven operates at?

                  I am not even sure where I would find stainless wire?


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                    Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

                    You could try stainless steel welding wire. Hope you have a BIG v8 to haul that thing. Make sure you have shocks on your trailer. I've heard ovens made from bricks have a tendency to shake to bits. I cast my dome in one piece for my mobile oven for this reason.
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                      Re: Would you Recommend This Modification On A Mobile?

                      Have shocks on the Trailer and a 6" piece of Flat Bar welded in a 42"circle on top of a 3/8" plate to support the outer force of the oven.
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