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Electrical Question while planning my build

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  • Electrical Question while planning my build

    Hello everybody,

    I am still in my planning and design phase of my WFO and I need some help. I want to run a power line to my WFO but I can't afford to build the oven AND dig up then replace my conrete patio to make it possible to have power out there. In order to get around this problem I am thinking about wiring the entire thing as if I was running an underground power line to it but also setting it up so that I can just run an extension cord to it and plug it in to get my power. The things that could potentially need power might include a few lights, an audio system (speakers, iPod dock, etc.) and anything else I might think of.

    So my questions are...does anybody have any idea if this will work? And has anybody tried this before? I have no electrical, building or masonry skills but I have found this forum incredibly helpful so far and I am anxious to hear what you all have to say.

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!


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    Re: Electrical Question while planning my build

    There is no reason it wouldn't work. I would use a heavy gague exterior, grounded cord and use a GFCI circuit. I would venture a guess that it wouldn't be to "code"... but physically it should work.


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      Re: Electrical Question while planning my build

      Thanks cholme. I am glad to hear that it should at least physically work. I will talk to a relative who is an electrician by trade and see what we can put together.

      Thanks again!


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        Re: Electrical Question while planning my build

        I was at a local home show some years ago and looked at some BBQ islands that are built and delivered to your home for my yard. It had a stereo and outlets in it - and I asked how they recommended wiring it.

        To my surprise - they showed me that they hardwired a plug into one of the outlets - a male end of a plug. They said to just "plug" that into the end of an extension cord. It worked just fine - although I'm surprised they wired and sold a product like that.

        The plug was wired to one of the outlets - and then the rest of the unit was wired with 14/2 Romex.

        It's the same concept as a "suicide cord" (named for obvious reasons). Here's one:

        Amazon.com: 14 Gauge 2 Male End 3 Prong 2 Foot Extension Cord: Home Improvement

        I can't believe they make these things - it's like having bare wires for someone to grab . . .

        Don't try this at home folks - it's dangerous.
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          Re: Electrical Question while planning my build

          Wow!!! That plug just seems like an accident waiting to happen. I have seen people jerry rig things like that, but I wouldn't have though someone would sell them. A much safer way seems like either to hardwire a cord to a j-box and just plug it in when you need it... or if you want a detachable cord, use a plug like those used for a computer printer. I don't know what gague wire they are and it would require a bit more wiring as you would need the male and female end.

          Talk to your electrician friend. I would advise against the double ended male plug... you could potentially have 120volts of exposed wires in your hands if you don't pay attention.


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            Re: Electrical Question while planning my build

            NEVER EVER EVER use a double ended male plug!!!!
            Your electrician friend should be all the help you need....Underground 12/2 (just to be safe) in a concrete sawed trench will be fine unless you go around the patio in the dirt...same wire....
            They sell the pre-wired units just to sell the units....regardless of safety...


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              Re: Electrical Question while planning my build

              I built a structure wired just this way; UF wire to the outlets/switches, etc. on one end and a gfi outlet on the other (ground it w/ a grounding rod). I plug power into the gfi and it powers all of the ther outlets/switches. Has worked great for years with no problems. I only run a few hundred watts on it though.