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Floor Size

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  • Floor Size

    Hi all I just poured my reinforced and then the Thermal pad on my oven.
    (I will be posting pictures as soon as I can find the usb cable. )
    My pad is 49'' across the front/back and 36'' 1/2'' on the sides.
    My question is what size oven can I build on this pad.
    Thank you.

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    Re: Floor Size


    4.5" X 2 for the fire bricks, plus 3" X 2 for the insulation, plus twice the thickness of your enclosure (to account for both sides) yields 36.5 - 15 = 21.5" diameter less twice the enclosure thickness. Very small. If you use 60-ish percent of the dome height for the opening height (assuming your dome height will be half of your interior oven diameter) this results in a ~6" opening height...too small for anything but a pizza. Can you pour a cantilevered hearth over your existing hearth to widen things out a bit?

    Someone please double check my math...



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      Re: Floor Size

      I will have to add on. I dont know what got messed up in my plans. I just redownloaded the fb pompeii plans and saw i was missing the page that
      said you need to be 59'' wide by 70'' deep for a 36'' oven. I am going to make sure i can hit that depth.
      I need 10 inches on the sides since its 49'' across (very do able, its 5'' on both sides, and I left a lip around the sides to attach stone to when I was done.
      I need to add almost double what I have to the front/back of the oven since i have 36'' and I need to get up to 70.
      I have a hammer drill so I can set the rebar into the poured pad and weld up a frame to make the cantilever.
      I have some work to do tommorrow.
      Im kicking my self, I dont know what happened.