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The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome. - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

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  • The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

    I was just wondering with all the fine brick cutting that I have seen in the last few weeks, is there anyone who has written down the angles they usedfor the rows/chains of the pompei dome. I know people have mentioned ratio's, but just for pure simplicity, has anyone been able to say that a specific angle at chain 2
    chain 3 chain 4 etc..
    It would be nice,,,

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    Re: The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

    A lot of variables here. A few that come to mind are:
    oven dimensions. We have seen ovens from as small as 22" in diameter up to 84", ceiling heights varyjust as much. Some builders choose the hemisphere dome, others a Tuscan style low dome, and even more have done a hybrid.

    Brick sizes - the "normal" firebrick is 2 1/2 x 4 x 9, but we have seen several different sizes and types of bricks use. Personall my bricks are 2 1/4 x 3 7/8 x 8 3/4

    I know several members have done exactly what you are asking, but I can't remember who.


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      Re: The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

      There are also differences depending on if you do a soldier course or a half height (or 2/3 etc) soldier course. Plus you can choose to angle the top of the soldier course or not.

      Or you can choose not to do a soldier course at all and then in that case you can go vertical for a few rows or start your dome on the second course.

      Or you could do a hybrid of any of the above.

      It will also make a difference depending on if you build on top of the floor or cut the floor to fit within the dome.

      It would seem that every oven is unique to a certain degree.

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        Re: The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

        It's extremely complex. In addition to the factors mentioned above, the side cuts on the upper chains are compound angles: not only do the cuts angle outward, they tilt in. There are two ways to do this: either model each chain in CAD, or make fussy custom cuts on each brick to fit. Or both.

        Or you can trim the visible edge of each brick to look like it fits, and make it up with mortar. That's what the pro's do.
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          Re: The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

          Thank you for your insight,
          I remember Les's pictures somewhat but can't find the thread.
          can someone let me know where to find his pictures? or screen name?
          Thanks, also, our brick size is 9 by 4 1/2 by 2 1/2
          is cad better in the long run?
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            Re: The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

            As stated earlier you have many variables but here's a link to a chart that JCG31, Jim, put together. I found it very close to what I found in my build.


            Also another build for Les, in the Reno NV area,

            And check out Dino_Pizza, A well documented build, worth your time to read through.



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              Re: The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

              Here's a few of the dome course-angle illustrations I saved during the initial planning stages of my oven. And Les' impeccably-cut brick faces.

              If you have it, CAD is great. I used SketchUp (free).

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                Re: The angle of the 10 or so chains for the dome.

                thank you so much,
                I was trying to load the google sketch set up, this will definatly help with everything.