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Rebar question for enclosure

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  • Rebar question for enclosure

    I am finally ready to enclose my oven. Is the use of rebar just to establish a consistent shape or is there a structural advantage? Also, the smallest rebar I can find in my area is #3 (3/8"). Has anyone used this size and is it hard to bend into shape?
    Thanks- Mark

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    Re: Rebar question for enclosure

    #3 grade 40 is bendable. You may try and find some #9 wire or pencil rod too. Both are used to make armatures for concrete structures.


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      Re: Rebar question for enclosure

      "#3 grade 40 is bendable."

      Yes, but it is not the easiest to work with without using bending tools. The 1/4 inch rebar was great but is getting harder to find.

      In answer to the Mark's question, the dome rebar that is used in a few ovens is primarily for shape not strength. Most (almost all) ovens do not use rebar in the dome.
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