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Help - Fix now or wait????

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  • Help - Fix now or wait????


    It's been a while since I've done any active posting - too busy making pizzas. Anyway noticed that my inside arch has "fallen" (not worried about the decorative outer arch) about 1/8" - 1/4". So far it doesn't seem worse. Given I'm just starting the season I would really like to use it until it get's worse... So far I haven't lost any bricks just a section of arch has slipped down.

    Let me know your thoughts. I'm guessing I'll have to dig out and rebuild.

    aka thebadger
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    Re: Help - Fix now or wait????

    My door arches, both inside and outside, got significant cracks. No one likes to see that, but unless bricks are wiggling loose, I'd leave it be.
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      Re: Help - Fix now or wait????

      I totally agree with David on this - let it be. A while back someone did have a brick fall - I think the fix was to grind some indents on the side of the bricks ( to make a fake core) and slide it back in with mortar. In your situation, I don't see how it can slip much more. Keep cooking until you have a real problem.

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        Re: Help - Fix now or wait????

        I think gravity is on your side.
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          Re: Help - Fix now or wait????

          Look for signs of "spreading" at the the ends of the arch. If not, just leave it alone.


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            Re: Help - Fix now or wait????

            How old is your oven?


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              Re: Help - Fix now or wait????

              If there is enough side thrust on the arch it should be fine, arches are by design self supporting.
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                Re: Help - Fix now or wait????

                The oven is just over 2 years old. Actually I'm not that concerned about cracks/shifting as I knw that happens. My concern is the arch is supporting about 8 ft of Duravent Chimney... Always a concern in the back of my mind since I've never build an arch before...

                I think I'll just wait it out. If it does "collpase" I can rebuild .


                You can see pics under "thebadger build"
                Any other thoughts would be appreciated.