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Electric bake oven.

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  • Electric bake oven.

    I don't know if this has come up before: Build a Domestic Brick Oven. I tend to bake a fair amount of bread and I can't justify firing up the WFO 2-3 times a week so I find this oven intriguing.


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    Re: Electric bake oven.

    Blasphemy - before you know it, someone will have a gas oven.

    Seriously, that does look pretty simple and cool. Whatever cooks your bread...

    Check out my pictures here:

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      Re: Electric bake oven.

      The use of foamglass is interesting. We've only seen one build using it, and that was under an inch of refractory insulation board. Electricity? 3000w element? I want to see the youtube of the electric meter spinning.
      My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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        Re: Electric bake oven.

        My guess is that the meter spins about the same when I heat my electric oven with quarry tile and the cloches to 470F and let it sit for an hour before baking. With this setup I could continue to back a few more batches for the same cost. Not that I need more that 2 loaves 3 times a week...



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          Re: Electric bake oven.

          looks good to me...it's mainly for bread, not pizza and that builder had a neat way of tracking temp..go for it.
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            Re: Electric bake oven.

            Yeah, it's seems like an easy build compared to the Pompeii. I'm also considering this:
            Rocket Stove Design Base - Bread Ovens



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              Re: Electric bake oven.

              The "Rocket Oven" doesn't seem easier than a Pompeii from my first glance at the plans. The Pompeii seems a little daunting at first because of all the brick cutting, but after a few hours of working with the bricks and the saw it gets to be fairly intuitive and is actually kind of fun. I am building a Pompeii, so I am invested in the design, but is is a very old design, it has some artisan quality to it, and you get to build it yourself. The electric oven just doesn't seem that cool to me for all the effort- though it may work very well.