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Steel dome oven build

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  • Steel dome oven build

    To anyone interested in a steel dome oven here is the blog that I set up to keep the family up to date on our progress. Thought some might find this info useful. We are currently doing some break-in fires before we install the final enclosure with insulation. I'll let everyone know what happens as we go. Enjoy.
    Redbug Riviera

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    Re: Steel dome oven build

    Really well documented build. Looking forward to seeing how it performs once insulated. Well done.
    Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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      Re: Steel dome oven build

      Ok, So the low temp fires went very well. Very little cracking of the masonry layer etc. This weekend I'm going to try a run up to about 750 F and thought I'd try a pizza while I was at it. I have a question for you folks. There seems to be about 200 F difference between the temp at the top of the dome and the sides and the hearth is considerably hotter than the dome. (this may even out a bit when the oven is actually insulated) What temp am I shooting for here and where ie should I fire the hearth to ~700 F and let the dome be whatever it is or continue to heat until the dome hits some nice temperature ? Any thoughts?


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        Re: Steel dome oven build

        Best to take you temps off the floor that's were the food is.
        I suppose everyone manages there oven a little differently but here's how I do mine for pizza. I get an active fire going for about an hour and a half , no big logs only sticks thinner than my wrist. In the next 1/2 hour I let the flame die down and remove as much ash from the hearth floor as possible keeping the big coals to one side. It's important to remove the ash as it insulates the floor from the radiant heat from the dome. It's important to let the dome sit for the 1/2 hour to let the heat stabilize. Then it's 3 or 4 small 1in thick sticks on the coals and once the flames from them are licking up the wall you are ready to go. First pizza is just a tester garlic and cheese just in case the ovens a bit hot you can pull it out real quick and get the guest something to eat straight away.
        Hope something here helps
        Regards dave
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          Re: Steel dome oven build

          Just curious where you found that tank head. I am looking to build a similar oven and would like to purchase one or two of those for my build.

          Thanks in advance.

          You oven looks great.

          Originally posted by Ellisco1 View Post
          To anyone interested in a steel dome oven here is the blog that I set up to keep the family up to date on our progress. Thought some might find this info useful. We are currently doing some break-in fires before we install the final enclosure with insulation. I'll let everyone know what happens as we go. Enjoy.
          Redbug Riviera


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            Re: Steel dome oven build source for tank head

            Here is the contact info for the company that provided my tank head. Mine was a 37" diameter hemispherical (or just hemi) with a 3/16" (.187) wall thickness. The price at the time was ~$160 but that may have changed. The head actually shipped from Youngstown OH. Roger Zorn was the sales guy that worked with me and he was very nice. I was expecting a less gracious reception as a one time customer that needed one piece, but they were just fine with it. FYI, When it comes to cutting and welding these things it would be worth your time to tack a piece of strap or rod across the edge of the dome while you cut and weld the tunnel into place. The dome didn't move very much at all when I cut it but if I had it to do over I would have tacked a brace there first.

            Roger Zorn
            Commercial Metal Forming
            Saginaw, TX 76179
            Ph: 800-433-7040, ext 250
            Fax: 817-232-0213


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              Re: Steel dome oven build

              Thanks for the lead. Any idea how much was shipping?
              Was it shipped on a pallet?


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                Re: Steel dome oven build

                $160 was tax title license and dealer prep. They shipped it in on a pallet and in a cardboard cover actually. The truck delivered it right to the house. Well, not quite. I live in the sticks so I took pity on the guy and met him at the highway where we loaded it in my truck. The only thing is, you might want a buddy to help move it around initially, because when it's on the pallet it's pretty unwieldy. I used a block and tackle to pick it up and set it on a furniture dolly and just rolled it around until I was ready to start hacking on it. Oh yeah, one more thing. There is a burr around the inside edge of these things that could be used to butcher small animals. Gloves and a grinder are your friends.
                So not to be nosey but are you building two ovens or do you have some sort of double dome design goin' on?


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                  Re: Steel dome oven build

                  Probably building an oven for Dollywood


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                    Re: Steel dome oven build

                    what is dollywood?

                    I'm building a trailer mounted oven and and a stand mounted oven. Thanks
                    for the lead.

                    So to clarify that price included shipping?

                    I'm having 0 luck finding scrap 500 gallon propane tanks so looks like buying new is the way to go.

                    Thanks again.


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                      Re: Steel dome oven build

                      Originally posted by michelevit View Post
                      what is dollywood?
                      just figured a double dome would be one of the themed attractions


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                        Re: Steel dome oven build

                        Yes. the 37 inch tank head cost ~160 total. I looked at propane tanks too but by the time I found, it hauled it, cut it, preped it and got rid of/used the remainder I figured any savings would be a fading memory. However, since it seems you live in California (?) I saw one guy that did a trailer rig using a steel buoy that he found in the San Francisco area. 6 foot in diameter if memory serves. Turned it into a commercial rig. One of those things that makes you go hmmmmmm.


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                          Re: Steel dome oven build

                          i haven't been around much lately, just found this build and it looks great.
                          here is a link to the one we did a few years ago http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f43/...ht=metalmaster


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                            Re: Steel dome oven build


                            Great job on the build! I had never considered building a WFO from steel. I guess my biggest question is whether you are seeing rust/oxidation on the inside of your dome. I know my grill even with fancy-scmanchy (yes, that is a technical term) ceramic coated grates seems to rust faster than expected mostly like due to the heat.


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                              Re: Steel dome oven build

                              It's true if one rubs one's hand over the inside of my WFO when it's cold or cool one's fingers will come away red from iron oxide but there is nothing more than the red: no flakes or spalling in sheets such as one experiences with burn barrels. But then I've only had and used my WFO for just over five years here in the humid Pacific Northwest.

                              Also I've never had an internal crack nor experienced any damage from an unlucky wood toss or from an uncoordinated handling of a metal peel by a young grandkid. Steel domed WFOs are literally bullet proof. I don't know whether or not they are earthquake proof but expect they will hold up better than a WFO built of brick or cob.

                              Your mileage may vary,