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barrel vault back wall arch

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  • barrel vault back wall arch

    In the Alan Scott oven, one builds the back wall first and then attaches the first arch directly to the back. I understand that this makes the wall vulnerable to cracking between the arch and the wall. Would it be better to built the arch first and fill in the wall below it, or build the wall and cut it in a curve so that the arch can be built over it? Which would be a better approach for a beginner?

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    Re: barrel vault back wall arch

    It is easier to build the wall first, but better to build the arch first and then key in the wall.


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      Re: barrel vault back wall arch

      Tscarborough- We went with building the wall first, but cutting the bricks one by one to fit under the arch.

      Also, I contacted someone today to see if I could get them to build the bracing system out of steel that you suggested (having your photo was very useful in describing what was needed). The brace seems a much simpler solution than anything else for the wall weakness problem.

      Thanks for all your help!

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        Re: barrel vault back wall arch

        What kind of iron is used in that brace? What is it called so that I might describe it? Thanks, Sarah


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          Re: barrel vault back wall arch

          Angle Iron and all-thread.