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-Cast Specs Please-

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  • -Cast Specs Please-

    In the planning stages of my first cast oven. Picture attached shows my last firebrick build and planning on the same specs for door opening, cook dome height, cook dome diameter however I will change a few things and want to check on a few things before I make a scaled model of its design.

    It will have an internal cook dome of 42” diameter and an internal height of around 19” to 20”. The wall thickness of the cook dome will be 2 inches and my castable is similar to a medium duty fire brick in alumina content.

    Couple of questions……..

    1. I plan to shape the door opening a bit different than the photo of the last build shows. I would be loosing the vertical uprights on the door opening and be pretty much going with a semi circle shape for the opening. I feel if I did this I will be loosing a bit of access to placing large pots etc into oven but I like the look of this opening style, and I also feel its going to make a stronger cast. So I am wondering if I go this route can I go with the same height as before on the last door opening height or are these shaped openings needing a different formula that the door openings that have a vertical upright side to them?
    2. In my efforts to keep the internal cook dome height a bit lower than the radius as on my last build I may just go for a hemisphere when shaping my mold but as I reach the very top I plan to just flatten the top sort of like the shape of most stainless steel bowls. Would this flat section at the very top of the roof still let the air flow smoothly at the top of the cook dome. I am assuming this is a moot point but thought I would check. I may be easier to shape my forms for the casting with the above shape so this is my reason for lowering the height in this way. So with a cast oven at 42 inch diameter how does the 19 to 20 internal height sound and is it a big deal if I kind of flatten the transition at the top? It would pretty much be a hemisphere except for the top inch or two cut off to a flatter top.

    I will start with the two questions for now but as this is my first cast I am sure there will be many to follow. Thanks Wayne
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    Step by Step of Oven #2 Build... I have built this one in partnership with a friend for a customer that took a liking to my first oven https://picasaweb.google.com/waynebe...42PompeiiOven#

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    Re: -Cast Specs Please-

    UN Freakin' Believable!!!
    VERY nice job!

    if I may be so crude........How much for the whole job? Oven and Shelter together?


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      Re: -Cast Specs Please-

      I think you will find that there is no noticeable difference if you alter the form slightly. I made a cast oven with a substantially higher dome,by adding about 20% extra height at the base of the dome, while all other measurements remained the same. The oven fires the same as the original and I can't tell the difference in the way it performs. Try and stick to the 63% rule, but if you are 5% more or less it will still work OK.
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        Re: -Cast Specs Please-

        Thanks Buckeyebreadman, I have sent you a private message regarding details of the last build........................wayne
        Step by Step of Oven #2 Build... I have built this one in partnership with a friend for a customer that took a liking to my first oven https://picasaweb.google.com/waynebe...42PompeiiOven#