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Chimney Flue Question

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  • Chimney Flue Question

    Hello, I've read many of the questions and answers posted on this forum. They have been very helpful as I am in the process of building/assembling my Premio 100.

    I have a quesiton concerning the chimney. I have a fireclay flue and the stanless steel flue. I would like to use the fireclay 13" X 13" and apply stucco directly to the flue. The insulated stainless flue could fit inside the fireclay flue.

    I was wandering if I should use the staneless steel insulated flue inside the fireclay so as to reduce the amount of heat transmited to the fireclay. Thus preventing the heat from damaging the stucco finish I would like to apply to the chimney.

    Is this even necessary? Does the fireclay flue reach temps that will effect the stucco?

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    Re: Chimney Flue Question

    The flue gasses leaving your oven are very hot, as is the flue that channel them. I would think that the differential expansion alone would peel the stucco right off an uninsulated flue. Flue tiles are very hard and smooth, I wouldn't think it would take stucco very well even if it remained cool.

    I don't know what kind of stainless flue you have: If it's an insulated chimney system you don't need anything else. Single wall stove pipe is another story.
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      Re: Chimney Flue Question

      Thanks for the reply. That makes sense. I have the insulated stainless pipe.

      I would like to acheive a square or rectangular column effect for the chimney. So I am thinking of using the insulated stainless pipe that will rise through the "hollow", I doubt that is the correct term, of concrete block. I can then stucco the block.

      The vent probably also gets very hot. Therefore I will probably have to have insulation between the top of the vent and the bottom of the first concrete block. Is there a type of insulation made for that sort of situation?

      Would that work or do you have a better suggestion? Again, thanks for your reply!


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        Re: Chimney Flue Question

        What you're thinking of is called a chase. It does not have to be made from something as substantial as block. You could achieve the columnar look by building it out of steel studs, covering the studs with cement board, then adding the veneer treatement of choice: stucco, veneer stone/brick, tile, etc. You don't want to insulate between the pipe and the chase, but you do need an air gap between of two inches or so.

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          Re: Chimney Flue Question

          I think we have a problem in communication. Are you talking about the hollow concrete chimney blocks?

          Those suckers are HEAVY. One person can't lift them. You will need some kind of support other than your dome to hold them up. And yes, they will hold stucco fine.
          They are designed to hold 8 x 8 clay flue tiles, but if the stainless system will fit it, that will be fine too.
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            Re: Chimney Flue Question

            CanuckJim and dnum,

            Thank you both for your replies. That answers my question?