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Primvera 70 Cracking?

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  • Primvera 70 Cracking?

    This is my oven's second summer, the oven has bee awesome! I did notice one hairline crack after my oven cured, but thought nothing of it as I read on here hairline cracks are normal.

    But not I am getting worried, as this hairline crack has gotten bigger! What should I do?

    The crack starts at the vent pipe:

    And continues into the dome:

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    Re: Primvera 70 Cracking?

    I have a similar crack in the vent pipe areas and I don't even know if it continues into the dome, lol. I have also cracks in two other places, see pictures.
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      Re: Primvera 70 Cracking?

      I'm pretty sure the Primevera is a single casting. Because the top of the oven gets really hot way before the base of the dome, there is considerable stress on the whole structure because the refractory is expanding at different rates and something is likely to give. Modular ovens in a number of pieces have these cracks "engineered"into the design. The oven won't fall down and the crack is unlikely to get too much bigger now the oven has found where it wants to relieve its stress.
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        Re: Primvera 70 Cracking?

        I agree as I'm not too worried. The oven should be fine "as is". However, I'll be worried if I have to relocate/move the oven around or take it off the stand.


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          Re: Primvera 70 Cracking?

          Cool, I wasn't sure if I should fill it in with mortar or anything. I love my oven and hope it lasts a loooong time.


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            Re: Primvera 70 Cracking?

            My giordino 70 cracked pretty much in the same spot.... Goes
            Pretty much the entire length of the dome down the middle. I'm not really worried about it.... Untill I have to move... Mine is built on a rolling stand so I'm worried when I have to trailer it to another house that the crack might get wider?