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Primevara 60

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  • Primevara 60

    i am interested in the Primevara 60 pizza oven. does anyone out there own one??? what are the pro's and con's???

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    Re: Primevara 60

    The Primavera 60 oven is one of our bestselling ovens with [many] hundreds having been sold all across the US and overseas. This oven comes finished and with a small amount of assemble for the stand you would be up and firing in no time. One thing to consider is with a 24" cooking floor the Primavera 60 model is our smallest oven so you would want to consider the volume of cooking you would plan on doing in the oven. The Primavera 60 oven does have a very fast heat up time at only 20 minutes which makes it possible for even a busy consumer to cook home fresh pizza on a week night! To discuss all of our oven model option or for more information on the Primavera 60 please feel free to call us and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales staff or you can read more about the Primavera 60 at these links...

    Primavera Beehive Oven | Wood Fired Beehive Oven

    10 Reasons to Buy a Primavera Beehive Oven

    Amanda Shugart
    Forno Bravo LLC
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      Re: Primevara 60

      Is there any difference between the primavera60 and 70 besides the cooking floor diameter (24" vs. 28") and metal stand not included with the P70? One earlier post mentioned the P70 being "lower profile" (lower dome height?).


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        Re: Primevara 60

        Hi There

        Both Primavera 60 and Primavera 70 have a finished dome height of 26". As you stated the main differences are the cooking surface size and that the Primavera 60 comes with a stand although you can purchase it without the stand as well. Below are some links you can use to compare the two including dimensions...

        Primavera60 24 inch Beehive Oven Specifications

        Primavera70 28 inch Beehive Oven Specifications

        Thank you for the great questions and have a great day!

        Amanda Shugart
        Forno Bravo LLC
        800-407-5119 ext 14


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          Re: Primevara 60


          I've owned a P60 for a year now. Let me know if you'd like a pro/con or if you have any questions about it.



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            Re: Primevara 60


            i would like to know what you like and dislike about the p60. i am interested in one because of limited space but want to know if its worth the money....


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              Re: Primevara 60

              Here's a short thread at another site on the P60:

              My Friends new Forno (fbpv60)

              My 34" WFO build

              Weber 22-OTG / Ugly Drum Smoker / 34" WFO


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                Re: Primevara 60

                Here are a couple of others:

                My Pizza Oven: Sue Wong - Busy, WFO-Obsessed Moms, Represent! | Slice Pizza Blog

                My Pizza Oven: John Della Vecchia - Pint-Size Oven, Big-Time Pizzas | Slice Pizza Blog
                Pizza Ovens
                Outdoor Fireplaces


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                  Re: Primevara 60

                  What I mainly dislike is that it's 24 inches. After you get a feel for it, you'll likely want something larger.

                  However, the size really does have some definite advantages. I can go from ambiant temp to cooking temperatures in around 30 minutes. That means it gets used a LOT more than a larger oven might. It's really no big deal to fire it on a weeknight.

                  It's absolutely worth the money, IF you either don't want to build your own or you think you're going to move. If you move, you can take the P60 with you. However, you can build one of Forno Bravo's prefab kits or buy one of their Pompeii kits for significantly less money, and get a bigger oven. Knowing what I know now, that's probably what I should have done.

                  Either way, a WFO is a fantastic investment. It will repay you in multiple ways. We just did our second Thanksgiving turkey in the P60, and it was wonderful.



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                    Re: Primevara 60

                    Does FB allow a third party shipper which charges quite a bit lower? The shipping represents close to 30% of the total cost.


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                      Re: Primevara 60

                      i have the 70 and it is an amazing oven!! it is perfect for small amounts of pizza such as 5 or 6 . it uses minimal wood and heats fast. not that you can not cook lots of pies in it. no other company has anything close in price or quality.