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Specs - How does this look?

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  • Specs - How does this look?

    Had a friend approach me about specs on a proposed design - but I'm out of my depth with this one. I'm sure the experts here can provide valuable input.

    What I have been provided with are the following:

    1. inside of oven, front to back = 1 metre

    2. inside of oven, side to side = 80 cm

    3. height inside oven = 40 cm

    4. door height = 25 cm

    Does this look efficient?

    / Rossco

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    Re: Specs - How does this look?

    Of course the actual interior contour is unknown, however, the ratio of interior height of dome to height of door is within what is proported to be correct for smooth air/gas flow. The fact that the footprint is either roundel or ellipitical is not a problem, many of the French Canadian earth/clay WFOs are such shape.

    Hope this helps,


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      Re: Specs - How does this look?

      Thanks for that Wiley ... most helpful...
      / Rossco