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Oven Location (silly question)

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  • Oven Location (silly question)

    I'm curious if anyone out there built an oven and then wished they would have built it elsewhere in their yard. Regrets? I had family here at my house this weekend and showed them my plans and the location the oven was going. My sister pointed out to me that my oven should be closer to the door leading out to the yard. She stated that people tend to congregate in the kitchen and that my oven may lose it's charm being further away and that hauling supplies to it might make me tend to not use it as much as I would if it were closer.

    I see what she's saying but where I'm planning has a better look and I think it will be sheltered from the breeze a bit better. Also, I think my footing will be better in the soil as planned.

    Just curious, Thanks...
    Mikie V.

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    Re: Oven Location (silly question)


    I put mine as close as I could (within reason) to the back door. It makes it pretty convenient when it comes to cooking in the rain/snow. The only downside (if it is one) was that originally I wanted an enclosure, but the wife didn't want her view from the kitchen blocked, so I went with an igloo. If I had to do it over again I would do the same.

    Check out my pictures here:

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      Re: Oven Location (silly question)

      I don't think that the WFO should be too far from the kitchen, but if that is the case it's not a major problem. I have an outdoor table set up between the kitchen and the WFO so pass the guests when carrying the pizza out to the oven. Sometimes I set up a table right next door to the WFO and work from there and then get a few people milling around watching the action. Most of the guests are regulars that have seen the cooking happening plenty of times before so don't bother to chat as they know I am pretty busy.

      If you are still in the planning phase, the location is an important consideration. I have seen some people place their ovens miles away from the house and do wonder how convenient that would be. The smell of the smoke when firing the oven up is something that I really enjoy so again the closer to the house the better.

      / Rossco


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        Re: Oven Location (silly question)


        Thanks for your response. I've attached a couple pictures of proposed locations. I'm concerned with with the dirt the foundation will be on. I put that privacy fence up last fall and the soil is pretty loose. Not to mention there is a pretty steep fall on the oposite sides of the fence.

        The first photo is from my door to the yard. I have to build a deck after the oven is complete. The second photo is from my hot tub to the location that "I" like the best. Third one is from just outside the door towards the location "I" like the best and the forth is from the slab in front of my tub toward the alternate location.

        Note it will be a corner build with work counter on one side and a built in grill on the other. i will be incorporating a boxed smoker to feed the grill as well.

        My wife just told me "Will you build the thing and stop talking about it?"

        I reviewed your posts on your build. Loved it... thanks. Hope the attachments worked.

        Mike V.
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          Re: Oven Location (silly question)

          I agree with the oven being close to the house/back door. Ours is under the patio so we can use it in winter and maybe 10 metres from the back door. The other bonus we have is we can see the WFO from the kitchen through the windows so I can keep an eye on things when im inside. My oven also has a 1.5 metre work bench (still yet to be finshed off) attached, but we quite often set up a portable table next to it for food prep. The other thing that I love about the location of my oven is I can see my LCD TV from where it is...so I can cook, drink and watch the cricket all at the same time!!!!


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            Re: Oven Location (silly question)

            Originally posted by modified9v View Post

            My wife just told me "Will you build the thing and stop talking about it?"
            Been there...done that. Is your preferred location at the corner of the fence or where your fire ring is?
            Check out my pictures here:

            If at first you don't succeed... Skydiving isn't for you.


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              Re: Oven Location (silly question)

              I found that, with a large party, people tended to congregate near the oven opening. I ended up extending my patio.


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                Re: Oven Location (silly question)

                My preferred location is the corner furthest from the door... The one closest to the hot tub, not the one where the excavation is... that was planned as a sunken seating area. Plans keep changing. I just put that French Door in. My wife is leaning on the corner closest to the door. The neighbor on that side of the fence isn't exactly the friendliest neighbor, but perhaps once he gets a wiff of that pizza on the hearth he might start to wear a smile.

                If I build it in the corner closest to the door I will have to pull the whole thing a few feet from the fench as the dirt is held back by old railroad ties. I have to make a decission soon... the ground has thawed... for now!

                At least her and I agree on an enclosure. We plan to use local volcanics as a facing for the enclosure (much like the rock lining the temporary fire pit). But that is a bit down the road.



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                  Re: Oven Location (silly question)

                  I've been in quandary over my proposed oven location as well but have finally picked a location for it. Living on a hillside property with very little level ground and the way the house was laid out, this will put my oven about 80 feet away and down a little from my kitchen back door, but right outside of our rec room downstairs with fridge and sink. Anywhere else closer to the kitchen (located at upper/street level) would not be practical as that will place my oven in front of the house adjacent to the driveway and in plain view from the street.

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