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Do I need a roof?

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  • Do I need a roof?

    I'm trying to work out the visual aspects of my oven.

    Right now I'm psyched about it, but later will probably be more happy if it blends more into the landscape.

    I think a 36 inch oven would be good size but want to keep it as small as possible . I plan to have the oven anchor two 6 foot long granite counter tops at a 45 degree angle (or a little greater) to the oven.

    Was going to put a barbeque next to the oven, but after seeing the tuscan grille Dont' know if I see the point. Anyone out there with an oven really see the need for an external/separate grill?

    All the trees are down, I burned up my chainsaw on the last one. With the garden hose and ropes marking out everything, I can really start to see it.

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    "Need", no but splattering meat makes a BBQ an option.

    (Chris) "Anyone out there with an oven really see the need for an external/separate grill?"

    (M) My immediate response is "no", but we also don't "need" a masonry oven.

    (M) I put in feeds for water and electricity in case I ever build an outdoor kitchen. I think I will build one, ultimately. That's why I put in a 10' x 10' foundation slab. I'm strongly leaning toward the inclusion of some kind of small BBQ because I can transfer the pizza coals to it and continue to bake bread in my closed oven. The BBQ will allow me to roast meat without concern that dripping juices will land on my Hearthbrick floor. Yes, I can cook meat in a pan in the oven but the BBQ will give me another option, plus, it should provide an outside locus for a social fireplace. I hope to build some seating around it.

    (M) The short of it is that if you have the space, consider a larger Slab Foundation to which you can later add other features, whatever they may be. You don't need to build it at the same time as your oven. My oven is finished but the kitchen is still in the design stage. If you have any ideas to add to this CAD that Phil Tindall created for me, let me know. He made one with an extended slab on the left for the BBQ but it is in .pdf format. I'm not sure it will show.


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      One way or another you need to enclose the oven dome to look nice, and to keep the weather out. The dome ends up with 4-5" of insulation, so you need to hold that in and keep it dry -- and in keeping with the rest of your space.

      How massive or organic the enclosure looks is more a matter of design; so you can choose to either highlight, or hide, the oven body itself.

      I don't have a gas grill, but in our last two houses, have had a charcoal and/or wood coal, grill next to the pizza oven. That works really well.

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        Originally posted by christo
        Was going to put a barbeque next to the oven, but after seeing the tuscan grille Dont' know if I see the point. Anyone out there with an oven really see the need for an external/separate grill?Christo
        For me, I'd park a Webber grill next to the oven, so you can transfer your coals, wheel them away from the work area, do your grilling, and cover them to put out the fire, so you can use the charcoal to start your next oven fire. One of the reasons I say that is that I don't do much open grill work, burgers and dogs, I grill more chicken and pork that need a covered grill so you don't get chicken sashimi. If you have room next to your oven, I'd use it to provide counter space for Pizza prep.
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          Exactly. I have a black Weber kettle -- we boughth it a few weeks ago.
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