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  • permit

    I was wondering if other members applied for a permit before constructing the oven. I recently replaced windows in my home and a contractor I know told me not to bother with the permit. What about the oven construction? This is, obviously, very noticeable project, possibly I should bother with the permit in this case?

    What are the fees in other states? In Ohio, i believe it is $75 and quite a bit of paperwork.
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    Re: permit

    I would "check" to be on the safe side but I didn't need one in clermont County (Cincinnati Ohio). Basically they told me these don't exist in their records. If you plan to build a pool, shed or fence they have permit specs... I would at least build it 5 foot off the property line. I called the building inspector and same thing. He didn't know what it was and he said is it like a BBQ I said pretty close and he said no permit.

    Good luck.



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      Re: permit

      Go to your local building inspector's office, explain what you want to do and they will advise if you will need a permit or not. You are likely to find that the building permit staff are very helpful. Make a note that you did this visit.

      If you need a permit, get one. An illegal structure can void your home insurance.

      If any contractor tells you "We don't need no stinking permit !", get a better contractor.
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        Re: permit

        Every municipality is different, you are going to have to check with the locals, even if they give you the green light (no permit) they may refer you to the local fire marshal to be sure it conforms with national fire codes.
        Free standing ovens (not attached to or near other structures) seem to fall under "outdoor BBQs" in a lot of areas and don't require permitting........but don't start before you find out for sure. They tend to be a real pain is the ass in the future if they have to issue a stop work order for you not checking before hand.
        I made 2 phone calls, documented the date/time and the name of who advised me....not a peep from anyone 2 1/2 yrs later.



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          Re: permit

          "I made 2 phone calls, documented the date/time and the name of who advised me....not a peep from anyone 2 1/2 yrs later."

          This is a smart move. As noted above, you will not likely need a permit, but document that you asked.


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            Re: permit

            some excellent tips, thanks so much!
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              Re: permit

              keep a record, I was first told I only needed a health permit from the county, once I got that, I started only to have the building offical ask me for a ton of detailed questions and ask for drawings, my permit is now ready and I have to break the news that the footings are poured and the block is almost done. Hopefully he does not give me a hard time about not inspecting the footings before the pour. As a side note, in the plans I submitted he was worried my steel studs would not hold the snow load. I provided info to show they would but I was like - why do you care, its not like someone can go inside the gabled house and have it fall on them, I suspect with the slowdown in new construction these guys need stuff to do


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                Re: permit

                I think you nailed it! You are job security. And a chance to wield power. Too bad you have a live one!


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                  Re: permit

                  Yeah, it makes sense that in my town I can build a 10X10 shed which people can go inside without a permit but I have to provide a whole bunch on info on the sizing of 4 foot roof rafters which cover a 3.5X5 masonary oven


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                    Re: permit

                    When I built my oven I went to the county office and brought a lot of information with me so I would not have to go back. They asked a bunch of questions and they gave me the permit, it cost $65 (he said that was the least expensive permit he had written up).

                    I made a mistake and did not have the foundation inspected but I took a lot of pics. I spoke to the head inspector and he said to show the inspector the pics and "we will see what we can do". The inspector showed up and seemed to be more interested in how I was going to cook with it rather than how I was going to build it

                    The main concern was what type of chimney I was going to build, masonry or sheet metal, if it were masonry he was concerned with support etc. but mine was sheet metal. So the main things they were looking for was the foundation and chimney. I also had to extend the flu 2 feet because it had to be a certain amount higher than the closest structure.

                    I hope that helps a bit, every county is different.