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Help on products for build

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  • Help on products for build

    I will add some pic tonight but has been a long weekend. Last week I started the foundation and last weekend finished the stand and harth. Now I have to let it cure. I had a question if anyone has used a product called American Fibrex?

    Mount Etna Partners, LLC - Refractory insulation,Ceramic insulation,Block insulation,High temperature,Specialty insulation,Vacuum former,Insulation manufacturer,Insulation fabricator,Insulation,Mineral wool

    FBX 1900 2x12x36 is the block that I have. I was going to use this for floor insulation and wanted to know what anyone thinks? I was speaking to the local company that has the product and they suggested that I stack two 2x12x36 on top of each other for the floor insulation.

    In addition to the block they suggested that I use insulation concrete for the surround on the dome. Any suggestions on this also would be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Help on products for build

    There are a lot of proprietary refractory insulation products out there, I'm not familiar with that name, but that doesn't really mean anything.

    By insulation concrete, do you mean vermiculite/perlite-portland mix, or AAC, or another refractory product?
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      Re: Help on products for build

      Make sure and ask how it handles being wet. I remember at least one builder had problems with insulation disintegrating or mushing when wet.

      Unless you get a great deal somewhere, probably better to stick with what is proven to work; Forno Bravo board, Insblock, ect..

      As for dome surround, you can use many things; the homemade perlcrete or vermiculite portland mix, ceramic blankets, loose perlite vermiculite, ect. It mostly depends on how you plan to finish the outside.

      I used Insblock 19 for the floor, perlcrete, ceramic blanket and loose perlite for the dome.
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      Wade Lively


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        Re: Help on products for build

        I got the boards from a local supplier at a good deal. The concrete is a refractory product that the local supplier uses for castings. He is here in Houston and told me that is would have the same insulating factors as the Blanket and at less than half the cost. The company is Refractory Products & Precast Refractory Shapes and seems to know there business but WFO is not there business. Wlivley I see you are in Houston did you get any of your products around here?


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          Re: Help on products for build

          No one had ever really used insblock19 for floor insulation before I did, and now it's pretty standard. Like you, I went with it because i got a good deal from a supplier, it was MUCH cheaper than the cal-sil, which we had just then been introduced to.

          So we like new options. Let us know how it works.
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            Re: Help on products for build

            Originally posted by Cypress View Post
            Wlivley I see you are in Houston did you get any of your products around here?
            Nope, my address is listed as the city of Spring Branch, Texas, which is about 18 miles north of San Antonio. I get that allot, I guess there is a district or neighborhood called Spring Branch in Houston, go figure.

            Great job on scoring the discount supplies. I was not trying to discourage trying new materials, just wanted to make sure you are careful with important hard to fix stuff like the sub-floor. As my homemade door can attest, I am a big believer in "frugality".

            Happy building.
            Wade Lively


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              Re: Help on products for build

              I got my Vermiculite at:

              Vermiculite Products Inc

              3025 Maxroy St
              Houston, TX 77008
              (713) 869-6663
              Get directions

              They sell a very large bag for $7.00 (3' x 1-1/2' x 1' bag) If I remember right it was their cheapest grade material.