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Should you use mortar on arch bricks?

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  • Should you use mortar on arch bricks?

    I have firebrick already wedge-shaped (KX-99's) for my dome and have built my arch template with virtually no gaps betwwen the bricks. Do I need a thin layer of mortar between the bricks or can I leave it clean? I'm afraid if I use mortar, it will screw up my template and my measurements will be off. Has anyone used the wedged firebricks for their dome?


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    Re: Should you use mortar on arch bricks?

    An absolutely mortar free dome is possible in theory, but I'm not sure it can work in practice. One of the problems is that big opening at one end which sets up a bunch of instabilities in the system.

    Commercial refractory mortars are meant to be used in very thin layers, so if you have every brick cut (really? mind boggles) you could just increase the size of the dome slightly.

    We would like to see your drawings of this engineering feat if at all possible. Those who have done full-cut domes have cut ring by ring, as every one is different. Most have fudged so that only the visible inside looked fully fitted.
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      Re: Should you use mortar on arch bricks?

      I agree with dmun. I've never seen or heard of one being built without mortar.