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Newbie bit of help needed

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  • Newbie bit of help needed

    Hi Everyone i am going to build my first pizza oven, am a little way off at the moment but i am looking at the materials that i will need.

    i have seen some firebricks on ebay, they measure 330mm x 330mm x 25mm so obviously square, they look good but would they do the job? they are 13 each.

    Many thanks guys


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    Re: Newbie bit of help needed

    So lets see: thirteen inches square by one inch thick. That would be a refractory tile, which are more expensive than firebrick here in the US, but nineteen dollars US seems way out of line. I know firebrick are more expensive in the UK than here, but try pricing out the standard size ones which would be about 100 x 225 x 50 mm, it should be more economical, as well as have the proper thickness for the thermal mass you need.

    Here's a thread on sourcing firebricks in the UK, I'm sure you can find others with a search:

    My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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      Re: Newbie bit of help needed

      Graham, If the item is this: item no 120404061948, then I don't think this is appropriate for a wfo, looking at the seller's other similar items, it looks like they are made from vermiculite, and therefore be insulating firebricks rather than ordinary firebricks. The picture of the item also shows the material being cut with a normal wood saw, normal firebricks are heavy and need a diamond wheel for cutting.

      Coincidentally, I replied to Dorset yesterday re sourcing firebricks, see http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f8/dorset-6501.html


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        Re: Newbie bit of help needed

        Another refractory to try is YRPL

        worked out at just under a 1 a brick...plus delivery. I got the calcium silicate board & refractory cement from them also.

        Im just starting my first course of bricks so good luck!!

        Hope this helps

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