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how do I build the lightest possible oven?

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  • how do I build the lightest possible oven?

    Hi everybody! I have been trying to figure out if I can build some sort of oven that weighs less then 150 LBS. Is there any way that is possible? they all look super heavy. this is the idea that i have. cut a small 1' across by2' deep steel barrel in half, build walls 2 inches thick with very high fire clay, wrap outside with insulation blanket. then make fire brick hearth, It is for a portable project, that will be carried by a multi- person bicycle. any other suggestions?

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    Re: how do I build the lightest possible oven?

    Hi MMichaelson,

    Your objectives conflict with each other... Retained heat oven; with out the capacity for storing heat = thermal mass = weight.

    So, with that in mind (that you can't really store heat without mass) you are into more or less uncharted territory; there is less experience here for light weight ovens, than with masonry ovens. If you build a metal structure, with or without insulation, you might build something that would cook with 'fire in the oven' - pizza type cooking, but you won't have the capacity to 'bake' things. You might get some good pointers from this oven build.


    The BrookenCookie built this propane powered oven. He reports great success with pizza events.


    There was another guy in Australia who built a great looking oven with a 35 gallon container cut in half, long ways (my guess is his structure is about the same size as your proposed oven). He built an oven on a real budget, and he reported that he was cooking food (the oven was working just fine!), and I can't find the link for you here. The point is, there are a few bits of experience on this forum that can help you down this path, but we will all benefit if you do build this oven to keep us all informed on how you build it, and how you like the results!

    If you can draft a specific plan you will be able to detail the volume of materials and calculate weight. A good place to start. Based on what you propose, my guess is you will have a great time cooking great food in the oven you propose. You will need to do the math to confirm how much your design will weigh! The Forum recently started a new category just for projects like your's Other Oven Types - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community .

    Good luck with your build, it sounds like great fun.



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      Re: how do I build the lightest possible oven?

      The idea of dragging a WFO around on a bicycle sounds a bit unrealistic. I hope you weren't planning on climbing any hills ?
      Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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        Re: how do I build the lightest possible oven?

        I know. If i can get it light enough, I think it will be possible to climb hills, I just need a really good set of gears, and lots of pedal power.

        What I am thinking, especially after looking at that beer keg oven is that I will need to do something with continuing heat- keep a fire going while I cook. thanks for helping me brainstorm, Ill keep you posted.



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          Re: how do I build the lightest possible oven?

          Why not fire it up while you're traveling ? The extra breeze should make the fire burn better. The faster you go the hotter she'll get. You could even cook a pizza or six while on the move. You could also ride down a big hill towards a bank and text them a hold up note. Just be sure to jump clear before it hits the front door- safety first always.
          Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.