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Hi from San Diego - choosing right oven size

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  • Hi from San Diego - choosing right oven size

    Hi -
    We're interested in incorporating a WFO (probably the FB Artigiano model 80 or 100) into our kitchen remodel and are grappling with whether we can "live" with the smaller model 80. Intended uses are weekly pizza nite with friends and family (usually make 5-8 pizzas), bread making and a desire to get more into cooking whole meals in the WFO.

    The model 100 will require some fairly significant wall re-positioning to accommodate the larger footprint, so I'm trying to gauge how important are the larger cooking area (39.3" vs 31.4" inner diameter) and wider opening (17.6" vs 13.3" wide) of the model 100.

    If there's any San Diegians on the forum that have WFO installations that they'd be willing to let me come and look at, I'd be most appreciative.


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    Re: Hi from San Diego - choosing right oven size

    Hi Scott,

    You sure put your finger right on it. The 80 is easier to fit into your space, and the 100 really does cook a lot more -- pizzas at a time, bread, whole meals, multiple pans, etc.

    If you do pie * r squared, the volume difference is pretty big. About 56%.

    15.7*15.7*3.14 = 774
    19.65*19.65*3.14 = 1212

    Let's see if there is a forum member who has on oven they can share. We will also see if there is a local FB customer that we could put you in touch with.

    Good luck with your project.
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      Re: Hi from San Diego - choosing right oven size

      I have a Casa 100 and really love it. (its outside) I don't know how I would manage with much of a smaller one. I suggest you think of this project from all angles....does it have to be inside? Could you buy one of those Primaveras and try them on and see how much you cook before you redo the kitchen? I hate for you to have to "extra-excavate" your kitchen on the one hand, but on the other hand, I hate for you to settle for a size that doesn't accomplish your purposes.


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        Re: Hi from San Diego - choosing right oven size

        I rec'd a very good email from Scott on my (slightly incorrect) math. I didn't exactly have it right.

        Here goes:

        "pi*r^2 gives us the *area* difference (not volume). Further the model 80 has 64% of the area of the model 100. Conversely, the model 100 is 157% larger than the model 80.

        1/2*4/3*pi^3 gives us the volume of a half-sphere (a good approximation for a WFO). In terms of volume, the model 80 is half (51%) the volume of the model 100."

        Excellent. I stand corrected. :-)
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          Re: Hi from San Diego - choosing right oven size

          We are also in San Diego, we went for the biggest that we could fit, 110 cm... 60cm and 90cm looks a bit too small for us. Its now under construction and we should be able to fire it for the first time in a week or so... Frame is finish, slab is pored, oven is assemble, will finish grouting and sealing it this weekend...

          our oven is from earthstone in LA...


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            Re: Hi from San Diego - choosing right oven size

            Maybe you could try drawing out the two options on a piece of cardboard, including the oven openings, and try to fit in your various pots to see how much larger the 100 is?

            I have a 39" oven (outside) and I think 31 would be pretty small...

            Also make sure you consider that with a 100 cm oven, that is the inside size, you need to consider the thickness of the oven, needed insulation and clearances...
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