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How close to a timber deck

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  • How close to a timber deck

    Hi, having trouble finding a suitable location for my WFO

    Question i have is do sparks and embers come out the door.
    Started to clear a site in a garden bed that is next to a timber deck
    this will be a great addition to our entertaining are, but i am now concerened
    abot flying embers and sparks.

    What do you guys think?

    Oh, by the way newby here and spending many hours going over these brilliant threads.

    So many brilliant ideas and wonderfull constuctions.

    Can't wait to get started.

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    Re: How close to a timber deck

    I am about six feet from a timber deck, but I don't experience many sparks out the front of the oven, especially as the oven heats up. My chimney is high enough that I feel it is not a danger to the deck. The problem would be if you were trying to scrape the coals out of the oven and some of them fall on the deck.....you WILL see some charring for sure.


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      Re: How close to a timber deck

      Maybe if you put a kind of metal bib round the front of the oven, like they have for fire places sometimes?

      I agree that dropping coals will be more of a risk than sparks.
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        Re: How close to a timber deck


        I was worried about sparks too...my chimney is only a few feet away from my roof. So far, after a dozen fires- I haven't seen a single spark make it out of the chimney/spark arrestor. I have notice a little one here or there make it out of the front of the oven if the wind is blowing...but never to the floor. I'd say you are porbably ok- but you probably want to keep an eye on it when you have a big fire going.
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          Re: How close to a timber deck

          Metal bib not such a bad idea will have to look into that further.

          The misses reckons i am bloody mad and that i will burn the ****ing house down, but what would she know.

          Have pushed the foundation as far back as possible, storm water and boundary restrics me from getting it any further from the deck.

          have also decided to drop the size from a 42 to a 36 Pompeii, every inch counts here.

          Looks like i can achieve about 3 feet from deck to outer circumfrence, will loose about 8 inches for the vent arch and landing. But that still gives me over 2 feet of paving in front of the oven.

          Feeling more confident already.

          Thanks for your help, i think there will be many more questions along my journey.



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            Re: How close to a timber deck

            I screwed some aluminium checkerplate on the floor in front of the oven. Check out the photo of oven on steel stand in gallery-finished ovens- p.4
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              Re: How close to a timber deck

              Phil, other than dropping an occasional coal when removing for a bake, I have never experienced any sparks or embers making it beyond the vent/chimney. That being said, I would be more concerned with a proper height chimney. In the US, the national fire code calls for any chimney within 10 ft. of another structure must rise 2 ft. higher than the highest point of that structure within the 10 ft. My experience tells me that an oven with a good draw WILL suck sparks, flames, and hot gases straight up the chimney...so it makes sense to have a spark arrester and follow your local fire codes concerning chimneys.



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                Re: How close to a timber deck


                Yea you are right.
                Local building code will have to get straight on to that one.
                Should have checked it first.
                The spark arrestor is already on my list of must haves.