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From Ottawa to northern NY state for Heat Stop

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  • From Ottawa to northern NY state for Heat Stop

    I've had some difficulty getting supplies here in Ottawa - first the back-ordered firebricks, which finally arrived, then refractory mortar (if I was closer to FB I'd order it but shipping to my location would be cost-prohibitive and I'm working against time here, too).

    I could only find Heat Stop here in 10-pound pails, at just one place, for an astronomical price. Fifty pound bags, slightly better in cost, were back-ordered with no expected arrival date.

    A number of other area suppliers assured me they had a suitable refractory product but I've read too many posts here to take them at their word and 'net searches indicated they were stuff to avoid for oven-building.

    So, it seemed I needed Heat Stop ... but the price was just too much. I spent yesterday hunting for places in Quebec (the province next to me) with no luck, then realized suppliers in upper New York state might have what we were looking for and be even closer in distance.

    The very first call met with success and they agreed to hold their last three bags for us so this morning we headed south to Watertown. A long border-crossing line had us worried that we might not make it to the supplier's door before their noon closing time but we eventually made it through and arrived with minutes to spare.

    Now we're back home with three-bags-full of Heat Stop 50, at a savings of $285 over what it would have cost locally in pails (even bags here, if in stock, would have cost double the US price ) - and that includes both gas and the taxes I paid on re-entry to Canada!

    Sun and summer temperatures return tomorrow so it's going to be a big day (as if today wasn't) - THE DOME (said with trepidation ). Guess this is my last post in Getting Started - look for me soon in the Progress threads!!


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    Re: From Ottawa to northern NY state for Heat Stop

    Hi Sarah,
    I live on St Joseph Island just east of Sault Ste Marie. I am just getting myself psych'ed up to build an oven and am putting together a budget. May I ask what you paid for your Heat Stop 50 stateside? I live very close to Michigan and could probably with a little searching find a similar deal to what you found. Tx.



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      Re: From Ottawa to northern NY state for Heat Stop

      Hi Mark,
      It's been a while since I bought my Heat Stop and my memory is not the best but I think they wanted around $90 locally, but something less than $50 (US) in Syracuse. I'd have to be able to lay my hands on the sales receipt to be more exact - I'll have a look.

      I know from what others have posted here on FB that the price can vary a lot between U.S. locations. I hope you find a nearby source that's reasonable.Good luck!