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Chimney and vent size

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  • Chimney and vent size

    I am building a 45" pompeii oven in Denmark right now and I am getting to the part where I have to decide on the chimney and vent size.

    The door to the oven is 21" wide and now I am wondering which size the chimney should be.

    Is there a general rule to this?

    The chimney will be a non insulated black painted steel pipe (the ones normally used for WF stoves) around 1 meter high. My thoughts are that either a 6" or 8" would be fine.

    And how wide should the vent leading up to the chimney be?

    Thank you for your input

    Br. Joergen

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    Re: Chimney and vent size

    Six inch vent on a 45" oven is too small.


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      Re: Chimney and vent size

      I have a 6inch chimney on a 32 inch oven and I almost went bigger. I'm with Utah you definitely want 8 inch.

      The area of the vent needs to be BIGGER than the area of the chimney. An 8 inch chimney has an area of 50 square inches - so you want to be bigger than that for the vent; For instance 10 inches by 6 inches.