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Is my benchtop usable?

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  • Is my benchtop usable?

    Hi All,

    first post

    I need a little advice. i've built the bench top (photos attached). after reading around realised i may not have found the best way to do it.

    basically i have a concrete subbench (standard GP nothing special) with reo mesh. with heat proof concrete holding down the top concrete bench.

    i have a pizza oven kit already that im going to build myself.

    basically, will i have issues with heat destroying the benchtop, and if so can you recommend how i would solve this without redoing the benchtop?

    Cheers in advance, hope someone can help

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    Re: Is my benchtop usable?

    You will need to insulate between your oven and concrete bench or the bench will act as a heat sink. This can be done several ways, CaSi board (most thermally effective), Vermiculate or Perlite/Concrete mix roughly 8 to 1 ratio (cheap but requires more thickness), insulating brick (although expensive in your part of the world).
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      Re: Is my benchtop usable?

      Thanks Utah!

      What thickness CaSi board do you recommend?

      the Vermi base isnt really an option as i dont want to add too much height if i can avoid it.

      re the bricks, im not even sure what bricks came as the internal floor for my oven.

      Thanks for helping out


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        Re: Is my benchtop usable?

        for CalSil Board the minimum recommended thickness is about 1.5 inches. This is the standard thickness from many suppliers. Some of us double up for even more insulation but it's probably not necessary.


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          Re: Is my benchtop usable?

          Insulating bricks are very different than bricks that you will use on your floor. They are very light in weight and have good thermal properties for insulation. CaSi is a good way to go, I did a quick google search for refractory materials in Perth and several companies came up. Good luck.