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Dome supplies

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  • Dome supplies

    I'm using the Pompeii oven plans to build a 36" oven, and plan to use (3) FB blanket to insulate. I am a little confused about what to put on top of this insulation for an igloo finish. It seems I will need something between the FB blanket and a finishing lawer of stucco? It seems that many use use a Vermiculite-cement mix for this - even though the oven is already well insulated? If so I need to get some (2 bags??) Vermiculite shipped to me.
    I know I am way ahead of myself as I'm just building the base right now - but I am trying to cut down on shipping costs by getting as many of my supplies as I can in one shipment (I am getting a pallat of supplies shipped up to the islands where I live on a barge).

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    Re: Dome supplies


    It up to you, it is not a requirement to install V-crete or P-crete over the insulating blanket. A couple inches of insulation min. will suffice. I did add a couple inches of P-crete over my insulation but I did not have to deal with shipping issues like you. That said, if Vermiculite is not cost prohibited, a v-crete layer, in addition to insulation value, helps you define the igloo shape better when you install the stucco. IMHO.