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trouble finding materials

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  • trouble finding materials

    I live in Las Vegas and can not for the live of me find any refratory brick supplies. Could someone tell me what about I will pay for brick and cement so if I order them I know what I should be paying. Thanks JR

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    Re: trouble finding materials

    I paid $1.15 per firebrick at a masonry supply store. Just call a few masonry or builder supply stores (not home depot!) and ask for firebrick or fireplace brick. The same places that carry concrete block and regular brick usually have the firebrick. Refractory mortar might be a little more tricky. All of my local places had nothing but the very thin "cement" which is not good for thick joints. You need mortar. If you can't find it, you might be able to find the fireclay and make your own.
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      Re: trouble finding materials

      Try calling Castaic Brick. They helped me find a local distributor. They do produce fire brick and are just north of LA so not that far to Vegas

      Specifications: Thin Brick

      as for mortar, the store here has it and you can google around for other high temp refractory mortars.



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        Re: trouble finding materials

        thanks everyone, I did call everyplace in the phonebook and online most told me they would have to order it and the was min order amounts. Those links look good Thank you ...JR


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          Re: trouble finding materials

          hi im from vegas too and i want to build a brick oven but the brick experts i call here have never heard of firebrick -- looks like they are phoneys just like every one else here


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            Re: trouble finding materials

            Check the Photo Gallery here. There's a build going on currently in Las Vegas and I'll bet he'll be willing to point you in the right direction.


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              Re: trouble finding materials

              If Vegas is like the Phoenix Metro Area, look for a concrete and masonry specialty shop such a Marvel. Home Depot down here does carry Fire Bricks and Lowes was willing to order fire clay, flue liner, etc.

              What is sad is that I work at a smelter and all the materials for re-builds come from the mid-west! Think about all the mines with fire processing (mainly gold!)
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                Re: trouble finding materials

                thanks guys


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                  Re: trouble finding materials

                  Try searching for Refractory supplies. I found on here in Salt Lake. Our local brickyard, where the make bricks and blocks carried multiple pallets of whole and split firebricks.



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                    Re: trouble finding materials

                    Hi All,

                    Post a question to CVCrash. He's in LV and just finished his oven. I hope he doesn't mind my offering his help.


                    Here is the link to my oven number 1 construction photos!

                    Here is the link to my oven number 2 construction photos!


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                      Re: trouble finding materials

                      I live in Hopedale MA and looking for supplies....firebriack, refractory mortar, etc. Does anyone have any local contacts for me? Thank you!


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                        Re: trouble finding materials

                        " but the brick experts i call here have never heard of firebrick -- "

                        Might be a case of local terminology. They may have it by refer to it by a different common name (be glad you are not talking Australian). Try asking for "wood stove brick" or "fireplace brick".


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                          Re: trouble finding materials

                          Found a place near me that has high duty firebrick: 40-43 alumina and 130-140 density, they want 3.25 a brick. I think I'm getting it hard here but not sure.

                          After reviewing the numbers it seems this is a med duty firebrick even though he considered it high duty, should it be concerned? Looking to do the entire WFO in fire brick
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                            Re: trouble finding materials

                            Not sure if my other post went through but I found low duty firebrick , 2000 service temp at 1.08 a brick. I live in central jersey. Not sure what to do