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Custom Baking Stone - Material Question

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  • Custom Baking Stone - Material Question

    Hello -
    I am looking for some opinions/info on the following. (Please forgive me if this has been discussed before, but I could not find clear answers when I searched)

    I am looking to fabricate a custom size and unique shape baking stone. Will be used in the "gas grill pizza oven conversion" I am going to attempt.

    I want to make the baking stone myself (Cast It) to achieve the shape and size I want....and to be honest, I just think it will be fun to try.

    Few specific questions:
    1.) Are traditional baking stones (like you would buy at the store, and put in a standard oven) made of refractory material? Would making it out of refractory material defeat the purpose of achieving temp quickly and holding temp?

    2.) Could I fabricate out of refractory mortar? like I would get at Home Depot? Or is there something else I should use? I want to make it simple as possible.

    3.) Any suggestions about casting something like this? I was going to make a wood mold, rub wax on the wood, pour in the cement or mortar, and let dry.

    Thanks for the time!