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Starting a Wood fired pizza restaurant..Help needed - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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Starting a Wood fired pizza restaurant..Help needed

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  • Starting a Wood fired pizza restaurant..Help needed

    Dear All

    I have been following fornobravo for the last one year and got to know lot of useful information.

    Let me tell about myself. I am techie working in Hyderbad (India).
    I always wanted to start a italian pizza restaurant in Hyderbad and after going through lot of information in forno bravo I decided to install wood fired oven.

    I really thank you all for your great posts. I need your valuable suggestions for the next few weeks.

    I already acquired a property on lease couple of days back. I will get two months rent free period before which I need to furnish my restaurant in every aspect.

    The property is on ground floor and the building consists of 5 floors and 2 basements for car park.

    to begin with I started to explore for firebricks, insulation etc..locally for the 42" build. Here is my find

    I found 40% alumina firebricks that will cost me around 50 cents each. I see insulating blanket measuring 1"X24"X84" priced at 20$.

    Here are my initial set of questions. I need your help in getting the following things clarified

    1. As the property is on first floor do I need to still go with stand construction with rebars inserted into the cement blocks..or Just brick is okay wih out rebars?

    2. I am not sure whether the blanket mentioned in the below link is same as the one desired.

    Superwool Industrial Insulation | Commercial Insulation Products. AES Fiber Fibre

    3. Can I replace vermiculite concrete insulation under the hearth with just calcium silicate boards.

    Thanks in advance. Waiting for your valuable advice.


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    Re: Starting a Wood fired pizza restaurant..Help needed

    1. Check to make sure the floor is strong enough to take the oven. A 42" is really heavy. I think you should use the rebar.
    2. That's the right stuff. Your prices on refractory materials are great, I wish I could get stuff that cheap.
    3. Calcium silicate board would be much better than vermiculite concrete and quite suitable.

    Check out strivers build, he is also in India with a commercial restaurant.
    Kindled with zeal and fired with passion.


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      Re: Starting a Wood fired pizza restaurant..Help needed

      Thank you David

      I will go with rebars and cal sil boards with out vermiculite concrete for the hearth.

      I will start the build with in two weeks and will upload the photos here.