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first layer

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  • first layer

    ok, Im starting my earth oven/clay oven/adobe oven. not up on all the terminology. after i build my sand form. what is the next layer? I know not to put straw in this mix, but what is this mix, made of? just portland and clay? or portland/clay and sand? should I use any refractory mortar anywhere? if so, where? can I coat the finished project with a parging stucco
    (sand and mortar?) . I will have an overhead roof to protect the whole structure. the only firebrick I will use is the oven floor.

    ty all

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    Re: first layer

    I would sugest that you look at " other oven types" down below in this forum. There are several folks building "cob" ovens. Also see thhttp://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f6/rustic-primitive-materials-18543.htmlis thread
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      Re: first layer

      ty.. just got back from gathering clay. we,re in a bit of heat wave rite now so i dont do much in the afternoon. nuther load tomorrow


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        Re: first layer

        You can use a little straw in the mix as reinforcement of the cob mix. Being unfired clay will have considerable shrinkage so remove the sand mould about 24 hrs after finishing the initial layer, otherwise you'll get shrinkage cracks. A mix of straw with just enough slip (clay and water mixed to pouring cream consistency) makes an excellent insulator, but don't apply it until the inner layer has dried. When it looks dry it won't be inside the clay walls so proceed with caution.
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          Re: first layer

          I know Ontario is a large province but we got through Dryden each year for a fishing trip. If you are any where near there I would love to stop and see your oven, mine is always available for visitors and with some advance notice dinner can be served.


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            Re: first layer

            heya chip.. nope im a long way from dryden.. i have been thru there many times and loved it.. great fishing. I,m just west of sudbury.(50 miles) home of the 5lb mosquito and the 10lb deerfly.. you dont wanna know where the deerfly bit me yesterday, as i was working outside in my underwear.

            I have been thru minnesota a few times.. passing thru on my way to BC. beautiful country and folks always are friendly to me. I live kinda remote and rustic here.. small cabin.. no running water.. but I finally got hydro and internet.. never had a use for TV.

            an oven would save me alot on propane. wood is free.


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              Re: first layer

              david s... just ran across an old guy today from "the old country" slavic I think.. he mentioned his bud used straw "screenings" for all his builds. I,m figgering just chopping straw, so no long threads. to add to the mortar. ty for the tip.