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I'm Peter Reinhart! Ask Me Anything! Monday, February 15, 2016 7:00-8:00 pm EST

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New Member- New build

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  • New Member- New build

    Greetings- After much thought I've finally started building a 36" WFO. I'll post a pic or 3 and ask a few questions and maybe even get answers to questions I should have asked.

    I have 3 immediate concerns. 1- isolation. I'm finishing the hearth/working area with travertine tile and any cracking is unacceptable so I was wondering if any members had an issue with this and what remedies they used.

    2- vermiculite or perlite? Seems vermiculite attracts moisture. Does it matter? Is there a price difference?

    3- Flue construction. I'm violating the 2' above anything within 10' rule but I can extend the chimney if I need to- I'd just rather not. You can see by the pic my chosen location. It's a breezy spot that I'd like to not block with a monolith. Anyone had smoke issues?

    A couple of points: I'm at 3000' elevation in the Sierra Foothills so I will get some snow. I'll be burning my endless supply of manzanita.

    (looks like the pics will have to wait)

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    Re: New Member- New build


    Ah- Photo sucess! This obviously is my foundation. I placed hardy board on top of the block and will leave it in. I also extended the footing and inserted a local rock that I will face with. It will flush out more or less with the slab that I'll tile.
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      Re: New Member- New build

      I used a cardboard pattern and chalk lines after the vermiculite/perlcrete layer.


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        Re: New Member- New build

        Set the first course today.


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          Re: New Member- New build

          Why I think I'll need pipe.


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            Re: New Member- New build

            Moving on.


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              Re: New Member- New build

              Groveland is a great place. My father in law lives in Pine Mountain and we have spent a lot of time up there. I would avoid burning manzanita. It puts out some nasty smoke doesn't it? I recall burning it and it was similar to burning a car tire. It does get hot.
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                Re: New Member- New build

                LOL- we burn off lots of it clearing brush for fences and fire clearance and I've never seen the black smoke you're referring to. I haven't burned it in a fireplace or WFO yet so I'll go slowly.

                Just thinking- I've seen almond wood do that. perhaps...
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                  Re: New Member- New build

                  Arch time.


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                    Re: New Member- New build

                    The inside upper part of the arch should meet with the inside lower part of your dome. It's time to do some serious checking now before its to far along.
                    Regards Dave
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                      Re: New Member- New build

                      Your I.T. should tell the story like it is.
                      Cheers ......... Steve

                      Build Thread http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f3/n...erg-19151.html

                      Build Pics http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s...1&l=1626b3f4f4

                      Forno Food Pics https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...1&l=1d5ce2a275


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                        Re: New Member- New build

                        After a short delay my build resumes. Yes, Greenman the IT did tell the story. You just have to ask it the right questions.

                        I did find out it's best to cut the vertical/horizontal angles (slope) on the arch bricks before beveling them for the arch. I wanted to use larger brick for the arch but the HF saw has its limitations. I suppose I could have made it happen but you have to pick your battles in life. Anyway moving on. Not as neat as I'd like but when it's 96 out my priorities shift a bit.

                        I also noticed this thread is probably in the wrong section. If an administrator wants to move it to the Pompeii section feel free.



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                          Re: New Member- New build

                          We are through course 9 or 10 now and the IT is holding the brick in place fine while the mortar sets up. So far no need for other devices.

                          Looking at my post view count it appears to me many are looking for tips and ideas, as I did. So here are a couple of things I found helpful:

                          Mortar the brick one at a time as opposed to mortaring a whole row or partial row. It makes making adjustments less messy.

                          I wet my brick. Just a quick dunk, as I live in a very dry area and they were sucking the moisture out of the mortar very quickly. I think it helps adhesion as well.

                          A few horizontal cuts on the brick bottoms provides purchase points for the mortar.

                          I haven't noticed this anywhere else but I set some tie wire in the brick joints to help fasten my stucco lath and pencil wire for the stucco dome. If I don't need them I don't have to use them but they will be there if I do. Just doubled up tie wire 16" long anchored in the mortar joints.


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                            Re: New Member- New build

                            Finally reached the point to put the saw away for awhile.
                            Moving the 3 keystone brick forward also gave the throat more room to draft. They were notched to receive a header brick for support.





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                              Re: New Member- New build



                              Cladding and tile base are now complete. Keeping it damp with wet sheet
                              kept it from any cracking. I used the slurry from the tile saw pan mixed with
                              Portland cement. I was adding fire brick pieces, crushed and screened but
                              that was more trouble than it was worth.

                              Now I can complete the stone facing on the platform and tile the slab while
                              the oven is curing and I start the tempering fire sequence.
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