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Laying bricks for rectangular doors

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  • Laying bricks for rectangular doors

    I'm looking at some oven hinged doors that are mostly rectangular, instead of being more semi-circular. I can understand that a rounded door makes for an easier arch, since it's easier to get the bricks to support themselves. I'm wondering what to do with a door that's mostly flat on top. I assume the normal thing to do is laying some iron, but how does this work in a high-heat application. If there's a way do that, I'd be curious if there's a way to make the bricks appear seamless.

    I was pondering an all-brick approach in some way like I attached. I assume if I cut like that, I can get it to self-support. However, I assume it will need some buttressing on the side to keep the walls from bowing apart, sending the whole mess crashing down.

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    Re: Laying bricks for rectangular doors

    I like your plan. That would work well with buttressing as you said and make for a very unique/interessting entry design. I've been playing with the idea of a cast iron entry door myself but have not had any luck finding a source (actually haven't looked that hard) only shopping around on CL and Antique shops etc.

    I'll be very interested to see how you proceed.

    Good Luck,


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      Re: Laying bricks for rectangular doors

      I was going to go through these guys:

      Pizza Oven Doors by Teton Iron

      I don't think the doors have slots on the backs for insulation by default, but they would set up a quote for one. I already had asked their sales folks about that. From what I can tell, they're making them by hand, so special orders are easy to accommodate.

      My wife has basically picked the MD-210, so here I am wondering about rectangular shapes.

      Pizza Oven Doors by Teton Iron


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        Re: Laying bricks for rectangular doors

        Cool, thanks for the link. Prices look a little steep for my taste, but I might pick a few ideas from them.

        Thanks again and don't forget to post some pictures when you're done.


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          Re: Laying bricks for rectangular doors

          A metal uninsulated pizza oven door with metal handles......great......
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            Re: Laying bricks for rectangular doors

            As long as it looks good it would be ok until things got hot!
            Cheers ......... Steve

            Build Thread http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f3/n...erg-19151.html

            Build Pics http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?s...1&l=1626b3f4f4

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              Re: Laying bricks for rectangular doors

              A local restaurant here has a very large oven with a pair of steel doors in a steel door jamb. there is a huge crack in the outer shell which I think was caused by the expanding steel jamb which gets hotter before the outer shell that surrounds it because steel is more conductive than the cement shell, causing the render to crack. Not that it really matters. It does not affect the operation of the oven and as this one is indoors does not provide an entry for weather to get into the insulation layer.
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                Re: Laying bricks for rectangular doors

                Originally posted by brickie in oz View Post
                A metal uninsulated pizza oven door with metal handles......great......
                I feel like we've been through this before. They make these by hand so they can add mounting for insulation.


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                  Re: Laying bricks for rectangular doors

                  Given the way the door is mounted, I thought it would be installed on the outer arch and not need installation. Interested in watching your build and I hope you are able to get started. I just finished my stand and will start on the oven soon. Hope you enjoy your build. Bruce
                  Link to my build here:

                  Check out my pictures here:

                  Selected pictures of the build.


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