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Summer Kitchen Update

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  • Summer Kitchen Update

    Built the hearth and walls.

    Next job is to set the sink, make countertop templates and tile the fronts.
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    Re: Summer Kitchen Update

    My friend good to hear about your kitchen. I'm finally getting the woodstove that I've wanted for two years. Yey!! The stove is going on an already tiled floor, but I'd like to have it raised up a tad, so I'm going to build a hearth. Some 2x4's, 3/4" MDF, and a tile top. My question pertains to the top layer. I know that the ceramic tile is good to go as far as a combustable, but do I need to use special grout or mortar for the grout lines? Basically my question is, Is grout a combustable, and if so, what do I do about it?
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      Re: Summer Kitchen Update

      Grout isn't a combustible (it's concrete) but MDF is. It's also flexible, which may mean that your tiles will flex, and the grout crack out. Concrete board might be a better choice. Also, I suggest the mortar based tile set, rather than the glue-type.
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        Where will your sink be placed?

        Originally posted by Xabia Jim View Post
        Built the hearth and walls.

        Next job is to set the sink, make countertop templates and tile the fronts.
        (M) Hi, Jim,

        (M) I have postponed finishing my outdoor "kitchen" that will include a sink. At first, looking at the thumbnails in your post I thought they all referenced the same space but when I enlarged them, I saw that a round metal grill temporarily covers a circular hole. Presumably that is where you'll locate your sink? ___

        (M) Regarding the sink, will you leave access to the waste and supply lines in case of breakage during a freeze? ___


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