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beating a dead horse-footings-club foot

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  • beating a dead horse-footings-club foot

    hey guys

    i don't want to beat a dead horse with this "footings...yes/no" discussion but i have a question that i don't believe i've seen an answer to here.

    i live in canada and yes i have frost and after talking with a lot of people and reading tonnes of great stuff on here i have decide to float a slab and go for it.

    6", 8" of concrete....6-12" of crushed stone are all great variables to consider but i've yet to hear anybody discuss weather or not they put(what i would locally call a) "club foot" oe a "boot"on their pad? ....a deeper amount of concrete around the perimeter of the slab(i.e. 6" of concrete in the middle and maybe 10" around the perimeter).

    any suggestions or ideas?

    thanks guys....this forum is great and i cant wait to get rockin on my project!

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    Re: beating a dead horse-footings-club foot

    ".a deeper amount of concrete around the perimeter"

    Called a "thickened slab edge".

    And no, you don't need to do this.


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      Re: beating a dead horse-footings-club foot

      Thicken the edge of the slab....it cant hurt.

      I designed my slab based on what our zoning office required. I built my oven on a "monolithic" slab. 8' x 7' footprint. Footers on each side (left and right) (1' x 8') extend 3 feet down (below the frost line). Between the footers is 8" gravel and 4" concrete.

      Way overkill in my opinion, but it aint goin' anywhere!


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        foundation question

        in the instruction page for foundation sizes for the 42 inch oven forno brava says 73 by 86 and that's ok but for a corner placement, where the ovens center line front to back is 45 degrees to the corner which way would you orient the slab? I am considering just making the thing 86" by 86" or seven foot square I would welcome any and all opinions.