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Build using foam form

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  • Build using foam form

    I've read quite a few build threads and they were all done without forms. I found one build with foam forms, but would like to see more. So I appreciate any links.

    The main reason I want to use forms is my desire to finish the oven as soon as possible so we can use it during the summer.


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    Re: Build using foam form

    Using sand is quite a simpl way to create a form. To save on sand you can stack a few polystyrene boxes upside down in there first.shovel the sand out when done.
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      Re: Build using foam form

      I've done the sand form half way up.
      Have you also considered using an excercise ball (as a form). I've seen a friend do this for a weekend dome build, just got to get the right size.

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        Re: Build using foam form

        Hi Nate,
        you really don't need forms for most of your Pompeii dome, only the last 3 or 4 courses.
        I built my entire dome in a single week end (and it was raining as well), the first 4 or 5 courses (I need to check out my own build 4 years ago to get the exact details and review the pictures as I comprehensively captured the build on this very forum) one day with only a piece of 3/4" construction ply cut to a half a semicircle. Next day, I cut the hearth bricks, installed them inside the standing soldier course, constructed a raised sand dome, finished the last courses, installed the keystones, removed the form and immediately stood on top of the dome. A brave move but it had to prove it's strength. I then climbed inside (well wriggled in on my back with my arms in first with a light) and cleaned and aligned the wet poor mans mortar from the face.
        So you can build one in a really short time if you try
        Check out my build to see my progress and check out the dates that the postings were loaded.

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          Re: Build using foam form

          Here is one using a foam "fan" form: