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Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum members.

As many may have noticed already, the Community Forum site was briefly down today. While working on scheduled routine maintenance, we encountered an error when trying to add a software update. As the site is now back up and running, some of you may notice that some recent data has been misplaced from November 10th up to today. We are currently working on resolving the issue. The forum has full operational capabilities and we encourage all forum members to continue actively posting in the threads.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you. The Forno Bravo family values each and every member of our community. If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to let us know on our issues thread here:


Thank you for understanding.
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Forno Bravo Forum Thread Message

Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum Members!

The Forno Bravo team has heard the feedback in regards to the community forum. We wanted to take the time to re-enforce our commitment to a fully engaged Forum with professional moderation.

Our top priority as a company is to fix all forum errors and issues that you are experiencing. As we are swiftly working on these problems, we want to say that we highly value the Forum Bravo Community Forum and every single community forum member.

We have set up this thread so that every member can address any concerns, issues and questions about the forum. Please feel free to ask whatever you would like in regards to the forum; let us know what issues you are experiencing so we can work on resolving them as fast as possible. However, we stress that we would like constructive engagement, so please be specific about the issue you are experiencing.

Thank you for all of your patience and continued support.

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My turn in FL

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  • My turn in FL

    My hearth layout.
    Name:  740e1eb99c2dad709b9a0a2f66dbe50b.jpg
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    A different view.
    Name:  f748c515fe4b7a736541125612444c30.jpg
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    Going next to the garden my wife wanted earlier this year.
    Name:  c28e43ced48cddd5eb28c6b3d95ecfbd.jpg
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    Re: My turn in FL

    Holes filled with rebar and concrete
    Name:  f9814418f124b73758ae2d08dc8be50c.jpg
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    Void filled with dirt from slab pour, layered with cement board and topped with concrete prior to supending slab
    Name:  9b386f8218385b0ef45e6f7fe140fb40.jpg
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    My son was helpful with pour of slab
    Name:  057e607f973d20f6af7159aef0e66971.jpg
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    Adding cancer braclets to slab for my other son. Oven iss being built in memory of him, he loved Pizza
    Name:  46205e9aae9f77e606dfc4fb45700cb8.jpg
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    Finishing slab
    Name:  5232cc72190a1fa556b19a9f949d31c2.jpg
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      Re: My turn in FL

      Insulation done
      Name:  d2505b36ce32059257f94610d003f391.jpg
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      First chain going on
      Name:  c7f9733b1da1d76f7209520086f4330e.jpg
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      Starting the second chain
      Name:  74ea44740933de00f765073048e9c704.jpg
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        Re: My turn in FL

        Moving right along
        Name:  190e0fca7a48be36c8c6fd6d0b9c64cd.jpg
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        Name:  70c1b1dc94b776e490c39707c473b328.jpg
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        Name:  f7694499a90a4bebf981642741d6f04a.jpg
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        Name:  23fca1429af81aaef1d468b972033768.jpg
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        Name:  ce9983224e986613d3ab5741408a34b8.jpg
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          Re: My turn in FL

          The cancer bracelets are a great personal touch. I think it is a nice tribute to your son.
          My WFO project: http://picasaweb.google.com/stevprin/WFOSmallPhotos#


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            Re: My turn in FL

            Almost there
            Name:  aa16856b060194d37a69770ab4f99786.jpg
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            Name:  f11f0f430294f4af74cdb11dcae48cb4.jpg
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            Name:  39500c1b889d6f85fe91aa05ad049da4.jpg
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              Re: My turn in FL

              Getting close, dome closed
              Name:  398748fd351b6176ac79613a7a4f98b9.jpg
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              tearing Pizza Box a week later
              Name:  9362c8105cc91643a76e69c977175173.jpg
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              Our first fire, just had to do it

              Name:  b1d9e5a3fb3774474b5922af1fa8af69.jpg
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Size:  39.8 KB
              today I will put an electric burner in set to low till this weekend then start curing fire at a very slow pace.


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                Re: My turn in FL

                Excellent work so far!

                Sorry for your loss! Your son would be proud of such an amazing tribute.