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Exterior Design -- Adding a Mosaic

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  • Exterior Design -- Adding a Mosaic

    my wife, eva, has begun covering the dome with mosaic designs. i have posted some pictures of the start of this huge task at <http://www.cpsusa.com/ebay/pompeiioven.htm>www.cpsusa.com/ebay/pompeiioven.htm*and will be updating them from time to time as we progress.

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    Hi Robert,
    Nice fish! How about a giant octopus sitting up top with the
    tentacles coming down all around the oven!? They could even be
    holding a knife and fork!! (jus' throwing out an idea at ya!)Or maybe
    a lobster or two! Anyway, looks great. What are you going to do for a
    finish to the wall on the right? (I think a big wave mosaic would
    look cool!)
    Best to you, Rick


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      thanks rick,

      a pink flamingo will be on wall to the right. we are tacky and proud of it ... eva has already planned out lobsters and crabs and shrimp and on the top i think we'll have a turtle. we considered the octopus idea and who knows maybe we'll come back around to it.

      i wanted to have an island on top of the dome with a big palm tree growing out of the top of the dome. and then the chimney structure was going to be a volcano with red lava flowing down the front of the oven with little terrified mosaic villagers fleeing before it. but as so often happens... i was overruled....

      eva messengered me that she finished the "girl" seahorse today. i'll try to post an updated picture tomorrow.


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        Way cool! (Don't want to be a wet blanket, but the surface is not a
        hemisphere but is actually larger than a hemisphere of the same
        diameter <grin>)



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          Don't gargoyles eat fish?



          • #6
            only when fed to them by a small french hunchback...


            • #7
              Nah. Gargoyles know what fish do in the water they drink...