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vermiculite vs. perlite

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  • vermiculite vs. perlite

    What is a better insulator, vermiculite or perlite? what is easier to work with? thanks for any suggestions.

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    k values

    I looked this up several months ago, the source I found indicated perlite is marginally better as an insulator. I don't think the difference is significant and probably varies with the prep (size of particles and how well "puffed" the perlite/vermiculite is). I think they are similar to handle as well. I'd choose just based on cost and ease of acquisition in your area.


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      I'm with Maver. Everything I have read shows very similar thermal characteristics. My local Home Depot carries both, and the cost is also similar. I have always worked with vermiculite, so I cannot comment on which is easier, though I know of many builders who have used Perlite.

      I would base my decision on ease of acquisition as well.

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        Since perlite is white, it's easier to see if the dry ingredients are thoroughly mixed before you add water. Otherwise, there's no real difference.
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