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First time Pizza oven plan

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  • First time Pizza oven plan

    Ok I have been reading the guide for about a year and have finally decided to go ahead and build a pizza oven. The site is a tremendous source of information. First the location. I want to build it off the end of an existing covered deck. SO any additional concerns with cutting through the roof, clearances to surrounding items (I am using the 2' clearance within a 10" radius as a rule of thumb)?

    With the increased height of the base do I need to take anything into consideration when building the cinder block base?

    My intention is to run the chimney straight up through the roof but it will be 10' high. I am looking at the Casa 2g90 modular oven. Do I need to consider anything with a taller chimney such as a larger diameter in order to maintain a good air draw?
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    Re: First time Pizza oven plan


    I would get a structural engineer to help out with the proper footing size and wall thickness. Due to the top heavy load, I would hate to see the oven topple over. A good structural engineer will cost a few bucks up front, but will save a huge headache later!
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      Re: First time Pizza oven plan

      Hi Alex and welcome aboard!
      I built my Pompeii and ran it through a steel roof, see


      You will need to run a larger outer diameter sleeve which should then be filled with good insulating material or even left free provided you have at least 1" gap between them as a heat shield. My chimney is almost 10' high and 8" diameter and draws a treat.


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        Re: First time Pizza oven plan

        "With the increased height of the base do I need to take anything into consideration when building the cinder block base?"

        Consider sonu tube piers for this application. Three 7 or 8 inch piers either down 4 feet or coming of a spread footing (depending on your soil conditions). Make sure your foundations for the new oven are completely independent from any existing foundations. For example, if the existing foundations go down any depth (basement ?), the new footing should also be at that depth.

        I agree with C5dad. Have an expert have a look.